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The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

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5 hours ago, deftbarley said:

Do they still send out those "come back and get a free record" emails a few months after you cancel?

I cancelled my membership on 8/27 and they sent me the freebie for signing back up the following day.  Of course the freebie worked like a f’n charm. 

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41 minutes ago, olopez6919 said:

So now that we know that QOTSA is coming, what's the right move here? 

Subscribe now or wait to subscribe once it gets properly announced? 

This is what I'm doing, but I am  also a R&HH 1 month subscriber whos been subbed since the Freddie Gibbs drop:

Switched to essentials

Swapped for MM FOOD

Waiting for an announcement for a standard release / what the other VMP releases are before I decided to 100% stick with the track.

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1 hour ago, burnthealbum said:

I went to listen to Deaf Songs again, and realized why I wasnt so stoked, it was pretty forgettable.  Not bad, but I would never spin it. Love Rated R, tho

This is a hot take, and I actually 100% agree. SFTD has some solid songs (Go With the Flow is one of my favorite QOTSA songs), but as a whole I find Rated R way more enjoyable of a listen.

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1 hour ago, Mindymoney said:

Holy shit. That's unexpected. And VERY welcome. Thanks for the heads up! Interesting that it's slightly discounted right out of the date. If it's truly a VMP exclusive, I'd expect it will sell out very quickly. Or perhaps it's not "limited".


But yea, still waiting for When The Pawn....

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