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Postrock/metal, Shoegaze, Instrumental, Drone, Experimental, and other COOL genres!

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https://hydrahead.merchtable.com/music/cassette-tapes/helms-alee-weatherhead-cassette-tape/?no_redirect=true#.VwBezfkrLIUThought I'd start a thread and try to keep it fresh here on what is still available, and for new releases.


Don't forget discogs if sold out, as labels sell there and distribute as well.


Catacombe: Memoirs




Cloudkicker: Fade (4 remaining as of March 15, 2016)




The Clouds Will Clear: S/T EP #/50 in 3 formats, 1 format sold out




Colaris: Nexus #/70 (Puzzle Records)




Dumbsaint: Panorama, In Ten Pieces Limited Blue tint with special box and enclosures





Glaciers: Mirrored Through The Ancients  Red or Smoke tint




God Is An Astronaut: A Moment Of Stillness #/333




Helms Alee: Weatherhead /60 or 80 2011 RSD





Jakob: Solace #/333 - I thought sold out, but looks like wooaaargh has gotten heavier into the cassette business...




Nadja/AB projects - see thread http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/114434-nadja-aidan-baker-related-catch-all-thread/


pg.lost: In Never Out #/333






SIGE Records:


Black Spirituals: Black Treatment (only 4 left as of March 15, 2016)





Statu Nascendi LP (what a beautiful album)



Split with House Of Low Culture #3 - looks like they added a couple copies just recently (3/15/16) jump! SOLD OUT again



*The Unseen World 2xLP, just dropped, but cassette preorders are not up yet. Faith said they would be doing a run of these.


Mara (Faith's solo project): Surfacing of 100



Other cassettes, many are sold out, but keep checking back as occasionally they put copies up...




Set And Setting: Equanimity - only $2.25!!





Terraformer (postmetal) 


S/T: http://www.wooaaargh.com/epages/64574534.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64574534/Products/XMC-013

Creatures: http://www.wooaaargh.com/epages/64574534.sf/sec03fcac7a0d/?





This Will Destroy You: Another Language /500  $11




Tides Of Man: Young And Courageous - I believe Brian sold Flesh And Bone or turned it over to a friend for management, can't remember if these were sold out or not




Vasudeva: Life In Cycles 2nd press of 50, see above re: Flesh And Bone, may be worth sending an email




Watter: This World (sold out)




Yndi Halda: Under Summer is up now (March 15, 2016) -- and only a few left at Burnt Toast Vinyl, but Crime & Punishment has them as well. I think C&P is releasing it. $10





$12.51ppd in the US




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Nice work Don!  This is exactly what the CS thread needed.


SiGe has a few copies left of a Black Spirituals CS /100.




Thanks Jonathan! I know you'll be on top of a lot of things before me, so post 'em here and I'll paste onto page 1. I probably should just keep the SIGE store on page 1 

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Bridgetown Records has put up their summer batch - http://www.bridgetownrecords.info/search/label/available?max-results=5



I'm very excited to release the label's first batch adhering to a consistent theme. Bridgetown releases #126-128 are all centered around the piano being the sole instrument for composition. Each of the three artists utilizes a different set of approaches, techniques, processing and playing style to develop an album that has a unique character. From the grandiose and emotive chords of Danny DeLeon to the delayed sparkle of Naps' electric to Theodore Schafer's spacious shaping of acoustic piano, this batch accurately captures the adaptive nature of musicians operating in far-flung geographic regions of the U.S. DIY experimental world.


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For anyone lucky enough to catch Planning For Burial on his latest US tour I have it on good authority he's likely to be bringing some new very limited cassettes along. He's putting them together with leftover tapes from his destroyed tape series (which was seriously awesome I have #3,#4 & #12) and the content is not confirmed. One will be #/22 the other #/13. 

Also seems strange rules still has T.Wasluck & Z. Zsigo 2nd edition cassette in their lost and found section (T.Wasluck = Thom Wasluck/Planning For Burial). I have a 1st Edition even Thom doesn't have.

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