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PO: Keyes / Wearing Thin Split 7" (Release 04/15/16)

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Surprised no one has posted anything about this...


Keyes recently signed with Tragic Hero Records, and big things are happening for them!


From Tragic Hero Records:
We are proud to announce the addition of Keyes to the THR family! Take a listen to their song "Sewing Circle" off their split 7" with labelmates Wearing Thin over at Alternative Press

Like what you hear? pre-order now at: http://tragic-hero.com/keyes-wearingthin/splitep-pre-order
Here is the new song.




Here is the info on the split. Release date is April 15th.


There are three colors. White, gray and light blue. Not sure what the pressing numbers are.


The Keyes + Wearing thin Split 7" vinyl featuring music from both Keyes and Wearing Thin.

Artist: Keyes/Wearing Thin
Title: Split 7"

Track Listing

Side A
1. Keyes - Sewing Circle
2. Keyes - Little Sister

Side B
1. Wearing Thin - Company (Misery)
2. Wearing Thin - Follow Through


I am a big fan of their EP - Wandermere. You can listen and download it for free on their band camp page. Link here - https://keyes.bandcamp.com/

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