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PO Now! MBV Loveless + Isn't Anything Reissues

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Someone tell me what I'm missing here.  On my screen there is literally nothing in freedumb's post other than "Merry Christmas VC! :)"   No embedded link.  No image.  No video clip.  From context it sounds like this is finally happening, but I checked the general social media outlets and found nothing revealing details.

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10 hours ago, numanoid said:

Timing seems right for RSD. I mean, this was supposedly cut to lacquers several months ago. So what's the delay? It's just a guess on my part of course. 

I get the impression that earlier this month they were recutting it (based on Magee's tweet on the last page).  Assuming it goes right, RSD timing could happen, but I don't think Shields cares about that type of stuff. 

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On 12/25/2016 at 6:18 AM, freedumb said:

Merry Christmas VC! :)


On 12/25/2016 at 6:35 AM, DOMAN127 said:



8 hours ago, Plarocks said:


7 hours ago, DOMAN127 said:

Got the /500! Can't believe this is finally happening!


2 hours ago, Tommy said:

Sold out


23 minutes ago, OldKentuckyShark said:

You didn't make it in time for the TP?  Sucks for you



Are we done here?

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