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FS: Blink, Panic!, Circa, Twenty one Pilots, fun. Batman, and more


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Please make offers if you're interested

Updated 4/6 with what is left. 

12" Records

- Blink 182 Splatter Series:

  • Buddha: Clear w/ Baby blue, green and yellow splatter
  • Cheshire Cat: Clear w/ Blue, yellow and green splatter
  • Dude Ranch: Clear w/ Yellow, orange and brown splatter
  • Enema of the State: Clear w/ Red and blue splatter
  • The Mark Tom and Travis Show (2lp) Clear w/ Pink, blue and green splatter
  • Take off your pants and jacket: Clear w/ Red, yellow and green splatter
  • Blink 182 (2 lp): Clear w/ Pink and green splatter
  • Greatest Hits: Clear w/ Black and grey splatter
  • Neighborhoods: Clear w/ Black, grey and white splatter

Coheed and Cambria:

  • The Color Before The Sun: Storm Blue (Tour Edition) Not Opened

-Panic! at the Disco:


  • Too Weird to live, Too rare to die: White w/ rainbow splatter

-The Early November

  • The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path (3LP) White w/ Purple Haze

7" Records


  • We Are Young/One Foot PIcture Disc

-Batman Animated Series Theme Song

  • Man-Bat Edition


  • RSD: R2Me2/Let me get you a towel: Transparent green
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