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So like the title says, I need to raise some money so I can go on tour full time next year. The likelihood of me selling my tests are low. Please do feel free to send any offers, but don't be offended if I do not want to sell the record you are asking for. Certain ones are just worth more to me personally. Thank you for looking and feel free to check out the band you may help support, September Stories.


mewithoutyou - a > b life is on hold

The absolute only trade i would be willing to consider is for:

City Lights - In It To Win It

someone just get me a copy of this. i wasn't around the label at that point and they're all gone!

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You have so much that I'm interested in that I don't know where to start. It's seldom that I come across a collection that matches my interests and my collection so closely. I don't think you'll struggle to get offers on this stuff!


thanks man! start by hitting send private message and then let me know what you're looking at!

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I usually just browse on this forum and I don't think I've ever posted. But your collection is almost a carbon copy of my musical interests... Are you just looking to trade or sell as well?

Really just looking to sell unless you've got a copy of City Lights "In It To Win It"

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