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PO now: Gates - Parallel Lives

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As posted by "tlr":



preorders up

Parallel Lives 180 gram Black Vinyl
- Limited to 300
- Limited Screened LP Cover

Parallel Lives Milky Clear w/ Blood Red Splatter
- Limited to 300

Parallel Lives A Side/B Side Orange Crush Vinyl
- Limited to 600

Parallel Lives White/Royal Blue/Blood Red Splatter Vinyl
- Limited to 1,000

Instant Track "Habit" sent via email at the time of purchase

1. Forget
2. Habit
3. Eyes
4. Shive
5. House & Home
6. Empty Canvas
7. Color Worn
8. Penny
9. Left Behind
10. Parallel Lives



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Oh wow, this cover art is setting Pure Noise up for all kinds of absurd variants.  I just hope they keep with tradition and release a limited letterpress cover and I hope it's not tied up in some ridiculous bundle full of crap I don't want.  Regardless, I'm always excited about new gates.

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yeah i asked them on Facebook and nothing. I was on my way out the door to swat some tennis balls at my friend and have him return them to me, and was pressed for time to look for a listed PO time.

I hope there's guitar on this album.


Just put a text alert on their twitter updates is my best advice.

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Didn't know this was a thing!


  1. Go to your Settings page.
  2. Click the Mobile tab.
  3. In the Text notifications section, check the boxes for each type of notification you would like to receive.
  4. For some notifications (such as mentions or Retweets), you can choose between receiving notifications Only from people I follow or From anyone.
  5. To turn off SMS text message notifications for your account activity, make sure all the boxes in the Text notifications section are unchecked and click Save changes.



Turn it on for whomever you like.



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