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Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

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http://www.blink182.com/is already updated. there are links at the bottom for itunes, spotify google play, amazon, etc. that do not work. i went on amazon and searched for the vinyl and found it that way. already preordered.

I think they meant physical bundles and whatnot will be up for preorder tomorrow. CD's/Vinyl

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Still feeling this song has a weird AVA vibe to it. I have no complaints, I just feel like that was intentional as a jab to Tom.

Would be a nice little diss, given the song is called Bored To Death.


(For the record I don't think it is. I doubt they give a shit what Tom Delonge is up to, and I've only heard one Angels and Airwaves song many many years ago so I don't know how similar these 'woahs' may be)

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