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Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

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2 minutes ago, AdamJNovak said:

How do you think this one compares to the other two. Also, do you remember the price of both of them? Sorry for all the questions, I just personally forgot. 

If I remember correctly, they were both around the $80 mark after shipping


anybody else feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

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Just now, museummouth said:

Potentially the best Radiohead album. Blown away. Completely worth the wait and makes TKOL look like junk. And I liked TKOL. 

Certainly close to being on par with their best. I was hopeful they could pull off something as good as HTTF... but this is damn near OKC/Kid A/In Rainbows level.



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1 minute ago, lastvaultboy said:

I'd say your $ thoughts are probably spot on!

Basically, this one might be more expensive than the last two.  But because of the current exchange rate and the free shipping worldwide it ends up being about the same price as the last two for people outside of the U.K.

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Went for the deluxe. Looks like an awesome set. KOL will look like shit sandwiched between this and In Rainbows boxes. Listening to the album and loving it. Jonny's soundtrack fingerprints all over it. Very organic sounding after KOL too. Thom can keep his funky bleeps and bloops for jamming with Flea.

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Wow. Agreed, blown away. What a breathtaking album. I don't know if I'm able to rank it yet, definitely need to listen to it a bunch more, but it's certainly up there. 


There were no real upbeat songs (Ful Stop, kinda) like Myxomatosis, 15Step, Idioteque, Paranoid Android, Morning Mr Magpie, etc... which kinda bummed me out. But the album is too beautiful to be upset about. Almost feels like a better version of Amnesiac. 

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