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SS or FT: Daturah, TQA - I Heart Drone (see pics); Now, Now, Latitudes #23/50, 65daysofstatic, Beware of Safety, Helms Alee: Weatherhead Test Press, Shoegaze


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For trade or sale.  My official want list is small, but there are significant gaps in my shoegaze experience, so message me if something you think I might like and haven't checked out yet. I think I'm easy to work with and make sure you come out ahead for agreeing to the trade -- within some sane reason of course -- otherwise I'd just do another giveaway. Even will consider shoegaze CDs and tapes from the 90's as well. If you think the price is high just shoot me an offer.

Shipping is $3.50 LP, $4 2xLP, $5 max shipping 

My Want List

My Deadformat List - feel free to shoot me a message on anything

Discogs For Sale  


Now, Now: Neighbors /500 Green RSD - $27

Daturah: Reverie #38/200 (/350 Black, unplayed) - the best jacket I've seen on this release, true NM+ $30

65dos:  The Fall Of Math LP 180gm  + CD - $20

65dos: The Destruction Of Small Ideas 2xLP - $18

Beware of Safety: It is Curtains LP /200 Red with Black Swirl - $12

East Of The Wall: Redaction Artifacts /150 Cream - $8

Lowtide: S/T LP 2nd /300 Red (sealed) - $13 - tremendous shoegaze/dreamgaze from Australia


Test Pressings:

Helms Alee: Weatherhead 2xLP TP #20/30 - $59


Special release CD, for original cost (not including ship from Canada):

thisquietarmy /TQA (Eric Quach): I Heart Drone XL 8x8" Hand painted Heart, unique design #12/35, autographed TQAXL032 - $30 




Latitudes: Old Sunlight #23/50 Vellum Special Edition - $40




Jakob: Sines 3rd /200 Crazy Splatter 

Camera Shy: Camera Shy LP /200 Green

Beware of Safety: It is Curtains LP /350 Red with Black Haze 

Beware Of Safety: Dogs /100 Yellow 

Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /100 Blue -

Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP /100 White with Black Streaks -

Beware of Safety: Leaves & Scars 2xLP  /300 Brown  

Amesoeurs: Amesoeurs 2xLP /222 Blue Transparent "Night Sky"

Beware of Safety: dogs #8/10 Test Press 

Aidan Baker: Already Drowning LP Test Press /5  with poster and swag 

Red Sparowes/Grails Split EP /100 Half Red:Half Green NM/NM nice surfaces/jacket 

Year Of No Light: Ausserwelt 1st /500 Black

If These Trees Could Talk: Above the Earth, Below the Sky 1st /100 Tour White with Black Haze - gone fast!

Have A Nice Life: Deathconsciousness 2xLP Test Press (unnumbered but labeled)

Camera Shy: Jack O’Lantern 12” TP #3/20

Camera Shy: Crystal Clear 7” TP #17/20

Junius: Martyrdom… 2xLP  Clear/Bronze /30 Error Labels (hand made cork Moth Jacket) 

Jakob: Sines 2nd /100 Clear w/ Orange Swirl and Clear w/ Red Swirl

Deafheaven: New Bermuda /500 Pink and White (UK, sealed) 

Superheaven: Jar LP 3rd /500 Kelly Green w/ Black Splatter  

Hum: You'd Prefer An Astronaut Clear

Deadhorse: We Can Create Our Own World - Translucent Green, Special Jacket Tour Press #/75 NM - $29 ON HOLD

Red Sparowes/Grails Split /100 Green with Black veins NM/VG+

Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains #41/100 (50-60 exist) Black with Silkscreen Jacket

Beware of Safety: It Is Curtains /10 Test Press White Label

Animals As Leaders: Weightless TP /60 White Label

*Serengeti & Sicker Man: Doctor My Patience LP #5/250  - 1st offer will be accepted + $3.50 ship, just be somewhat reasonable

*Xiu Xiu: Knife Play LP + 7" Clear #109/250 - 1st offer accepted will be accepted + $3.50 ship, same

LSD And The Search For God: Heaven Is A Place /200 Blue (Deep Space)

True Widow: Avvolgere /100 Clear (Relapse)

Night School: Blush LP #45/250 Yellow - Graveface Record Club

Night School/Dott Split: Carousel #132/333 Purple Marble - Graveface Record Club
Mono: The Last Dawn/Days Of Darkness 2xLP /150 Marbled Gray (Pelagic) 

Mogwai:  Happy Songs For Happy People LP (Matador) - pristine!

The Pirate Ship Quintet: Rope For No Hopers /150 Gold (Denovali) - 

Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP #80/100 White (Sheath) 

Junius: Reports From The Threshold Of Death LP /200 White w/ Blue Haze (Band)

Sigur Ros: Kveikur Box Set #331/1000 - 9 x 12" Singles, Instrumental B side; Autographed Art Designs

Caspian: Tertia 2xLP 4th /323 Half Black: Half Gold 

Shy, Low: Binary Opposition EP 2nd /150 Black:Clear - $12

Jakob: Sines 1st /300 Half Red/Half Orange with Black Center 

Diiv: Oshin LP 2nd press 

This Will Destroy You: Live 3xLP unplayed, opened to confirm color Black/White/Gray Marble -

Junius: Days Of The Fallen Sun EP /200 Black with Ivory Splatter 

Junius: Martyrdom Of A Catatrophist 2xLP /100 Bronze w/ Black Swirl  


Cocteau Twins: Heaven or Las Vegas Promo Cassette (Capitol Records) 

The Verve: No Come Down Promo Cassette 

A Place To Bury Strangers: A Place To Bury Strangers Casette 





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On 6/21/2016 at 2:27 PM, daegor said:



On 6/23/2016 at 2:04 AM, mindovermatter said:

I'm not a huge Junius fan, but if I were...I'd by from this seller without a moment's hesitation!

Thanks, gentlemen :)

Prices added, you will not find for less, need a new home to be played vs sitting on my shelf.

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