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PO Soon - Clams Casino - 32 Levels

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34 minutes ago, bobpaul said:

I was trying to figure that out myself.  i'm not too familiar with Columbia records to be honest, and i'm curious how the end result will be.  

Where did you find Columbia mentioned anywhere, out of curiosity?  I feel like I've looked high and low across that PO link, social media announcements, and everything between.  I must be dense.


121 left in stock for anyone curious.  Seems like the momentum died down a little bit... which is great because it gives me a bit more time to decide, honestly.

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2 hours ago, Derek™ said:

Where did you find Columbia mentioned anywhere, out of curiosity

It's on some of his Facebook posts as well as being listed as the label on Amazon. The black 2lp is actually listed there now for pre-order for $26. It is a 2lp with instrumental versions as well

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I was going to bump this thread and ask what your guys' opinions were, but I wanted to give it a second listen.


My initial impressions: I'm not crazy about.  His prior albums featured tracks that clearly flowed, sprawled, and shifted in interesting directions.  They were songs made to stand on their own.  The instrumentals this time around, though... they strike me entirely as support pieces.  To the point where everything feels like it was catered to incorporate vocals; nothing really stands out or goes anywhere on its own accord.


We'll see how repeat plays go, but for now I'm not exactly in love.  Yet to listen to the first LP so I'll keep an open mind with that one, too.

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