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OFFER: Delusion (Kevin Devine) Stages Test Press /3 and Teenage Unity w/ handmade cover /25


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Hello Kevin Devine collectors, you finally have a chance to purchase two of Kevin's rarest records. I am not sure if he even has these himself anymore. I regrettably need to sell them, because my girlfriend and I recently rescued a very sick kitten. Yma has already racked up over $1500 in vet bills and is still at risk of losing her right eye thanks to an infection caused by feline herpes that also gave her terrible respiratory issues. When we caught her she had her entire right eye shut and the medication has made progress. We quickly fell in love with this once feral kitten and didn't have the heart to turn her over to the SPCA just to have her put down so here we are. 


I was able to track down a copy of the coveted Stages test press  limited to only 3 copies. Another member on here mentioned he had a copy, Kevin and the drummer Joey had copies. Kevin's was lost and unless Seth sold his off, this is Kevin or Joey's copy. 


The other record I have is incredibly unique (creepy). It is a handmade copy of Teenage Unity complete with a school photo Kevin, a bus pass, samples of hair from each member taped to the cover, a used cigarette butt, and more. There were only 25 of these made with each cover being different ranging from a drawing in crayon to this "beautiful" collage. 


I don't have photos of these at the moment so I can add them when I get home. But for now here are photos of Yma



I will be posting these in a few places and will be taking the best offer per record. Please PM me what record(s) you want and how much you are willing to offer. Her next appointment with the ophthalmologist is in a couple of weeks so I will be closing this and accepting payment and shipping around then. 

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