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FS: TWIABP - Whenever (Record Release) + HC/Metal/Emo Shirts!

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Hey so I just cleaned out my closet and before I post these on eBay, thought I'd give people here a shot. No prices set, so shoot me some offers! 


Also, the TWIABP - Whenever, If Ever record release: $80ppd. Can provide pictures upon request. 




List is in order of picture: 


Let Down - M
Iron Maiden - M
Powertrip - M
Truth Inside - M
Wasted Youth - M
The First Step - M
Ringworm - M
Minor Threat (Cutoff) S/M
Heisenberg/Descendents - M
Mineral - M/L
Jawbreaker - M
Blue Monday - M
Exumer - M
In Between (LS) - M
Iron Age - M
Torch Runner - M
Judge (some holes) - M
Nails - M
Snowing - M
ON - M
Cornered - M
Schism/Judge (LS) - M
Mother Of Mercy - S
Mouthpiece - S
Black Sabbath - M
Black Breath - M
Triple B Recs - M
React Recs - M
Old Wounds - M
Southern CA SXE (jacket) - S
Warthog - M
Violation - M
Sabertooth Zombie (spot) - M
Stick Together (stain) - M
Blue Monday - M
Stepping Stone - M
Metallica (baseball tee) - L
H2O/Obama - M
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