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Anybody interested in gamecube games? Picture of all added.


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5 hours ago, burnalive said:

List with prices please!


13 hours ago, silentgods said:

What you lookin for?

got most of the basics and a good chunk of the rarer titles like Ikaruga, Metal gear solid TGS, Ikaruga, Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Cheapy fun stuff!

Crazy Taxi, SSX Tricky, miscellaneous stuff

Would also be interested in controllers

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Alien hominid 15
Battalion wars 10
Beach spiker 8
Chaos field 20
Donkey konga 2 15
Fzero gx 20
Geist 10
Ikaruga 40
Killer 7 20
Legend of Zelda twilight princess 40
Legend of Zelda wind waker 25
Legend of Zelda ocarina of time 25
Metal gear solid twin snakes 40
Metroid prime 10
Pn 03 15
Resident evil 10
Resident evil zero 10
Skies of Arcadia legends 60
Soul calibur 2 10
Star fox assault 20
Tales of symphonia 20
Viewtiful joe 10
Viewtiful joe 10
Wario world 20
Wave race 8

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