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So there is some mysterious flexidisc that was sent out to the Dear Hunter's Lifetime Members (still kicking myself for not signing up for that).  According to this dude's tweet, he received this in the mail with a website on it. 

 Here's the website link:  http://hymnswiththedevil.com/


There's a countdown to 1pm tomorrow on the site and some music when you hover over the Ace of Hearts.


Also, there was a video posted on Reddit, from a recent Dear Hunter show, of Casey playing a "rare" song called Light.


I also remember a Twitter Q&A Casey was doing well before Act IV came out where he mentioned that Act IV and V could possibly be a double album.  I'm wondering if while recording Act IV, he also recorded the much hinted at EP that would be Act V.  If that's the case, we could see it drop tomorrow, which would be crazy.


Either way, something is happening at 1pm est tomorrow on that site. 

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9 minutes ago, THE_James_Champ said:

I am curious if it's new music. I'm hoping so, honestly. I'm also pissed he didn't play this THE NIGHT BEFORE at the show I went to, in Orlando.

I can't imagine there'd be new music recorded and teased if it was only the release of the graphic novel.  In any case, my wallet is open.

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47 minutes ago, THE_James_Champ said:

Yo, that hype train, I've robbed it and now i'm the conductor, lol. I am so fucking excited right now. Son of a bitch must've stacked recordings when he did Act IV.

Do you guys remember the Q&A Casey did on Twitter?  He asked if we wanted the 16-20 songs that weren't Act related released or if we wanted Act IV.  Then he said Act IV and V could possible be a double album.  Looks like they were recorded as a double album but have been staggered.  


l'll summarize by saying, FUCK YES.

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