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Hey everyone, PO is now LIVE!!!!!!


So, this dude I talk to all the time from Switzerland has a label, and it's called Elusive Sound.  They are just about to drop their first release, which is 2 variants of Glasir's "Unborn" EP.  Glasir is a post-rock band from the USA.  You can read more below.  They label guys are going all out in the variants and packaging, and it looks to be an impressive release.  180g, 45RPM, 350g covers, screen printed extras, records shipped in poly-lined inner sleeves.... the works.  


Pre-orders go up Friday.  http://elusive-sound.com/2016/06/21/glasir-unborn-ep-vinyl-pre-order/


EDIT:   Pictures are up!  These things look freaking incredible!!!!!!!!!


You can listen to the entire EP here:  



From their website:


Berne, Switzerland, June 21, 2016:  Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Glasir “Unborn” EP on vinyl for the very first time.

Pre-orders start June 25, 20:00 Zurich Time. Official release date July 8, 2016

Included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015, “Unborn” is the first EP by Texas based sonic seekers Glasir and the first Elusive Sound release.  Working with perfectionist producer and audio engineer Sam Hunt  out in McKinney, Texas,  Glasir is a project  that consists of longtime collaborators Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, ambient doom and psychedelic rock and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels.

It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir’s music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey cloud and as clear as a heavenly stream. It’s a masterful aural descent into darkness, the fury of the mind and the unwavering firmness of will to obstinately cling to life.

There are moments when one resigns to the fatality of life, the grief that takes over after great loss, the impotency felt after withering in the dust of failed pretensions, when dreams have burned down to cinders, when vision once clear and formidable is left blurred and short-sighted and the body too frail to sustain a mortal blow. Unborn conjures a bleak and lonely existence, when one loses his heart and falls prey to the recklessness of despair, peers deep into the darkness and dares to dream dreams that no mortal should ever dream.

The end however, has not yet come. From the all-consuming sadness there is a glimmer of hope. This Dallas trio reveals the everlasting light that transforms all it touches into riches of life and gives us the ability to soar the skies. Glasir have become the glorified tree. Unborn is magnificent and snuffs out all that we have heard this year in a heartbeat.

The EP features stunning full artwork by Alex CF and will be released on two high quality coloured heavyweight vinyl variants, the Giallarbru limited to 133 copies and theGleaming Grove limited to 100 copies.

Both variants will be sold exclusively via our official label website shop at elusive-sound.com and feature 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm, a high quality 350gsm innersleeve, artwork printed on reverse board and a two-sided band inlay. Additionally Gleaming Grove contains a special Swiss Made screenprinted Thank You note and a screenprinted hand-numbered 12″ artprint also desgined by Alex CF.

Full Press Release and Pressbook available on pdf at http://elusive-sound.com/artist/glasir/


These are NOT mock-ups, these ARE the records:  



You can see another picture of the actual cover and inserts and the /100 variant here:  https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CljrZfWXIAAfkXZ.jpg:large


The guys who run the label are massive post-rock fans, I talk to them just about every day on Facebook.  Sold one of the dudes my black/clear ITTCT "Red Forest" a while back.  They've got more coming from Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur, and more.  I keep bugging them to join the discussions over here, because they're massive music fans just like us.  Please support them!



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Does it seem that there is a chance of the band getting some copies to sell domestically, based on your interactions with this guy? This is sounding pretty great on first listen -- nothing really out of the ordinary, but very well done for what it is.

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PO is up...well, it's really 23 & 29€...wow...+ 13,50€ for shipping to Germany! Holy... :D


But for you people in the US: the bandcamp has the (prettier) clear variant for $15:



I think I'll order in the US (if at all) since it's >18€ cheaper...WTF?!


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