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July 4th Sales Are For Chumps (Unless You're a Fan of Tiny Engines, in Which Case You Guys Are Totally Cool)

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For over 8 years Tiny Engines has been on the forefront of vinyl technology and development, but not until today has a record label attempted something so innovative and groundbreaking.  Mark it on your calendar, folks: we're about to break the internet.


This weekend, take 15% off nearly everything in our webstore with code july4!


Minds blown, right?  But prepare to have your brain matter scattered throughout the universe even further when you visit our Sales section.  Here you'll find nearly 30 titles that have been discounted an additional 20-50% percent!  No code needed for these giant, mother-honking savings, but you can still use the july4 code for a total discount of up to 65%.


C'mon guys ... this deal can't be beat!  In fact, the Supreme President of the Coalition of Cool Records Labels just called to congratulate us on on this monumental achievement of "kicking some major ass."  Her words, not mine.  That's right - the supreme president of the CoCRL is a woman, because this is America, dammit. 


In conclusion, can you imagine how proud your parents will be when you tell them that their lazy, no-good sack of a son / daughter finally got a job and you plan on using your first paycheck to buy a bunch of Tiny Engines records for a what is basically the cost of 6 bags of drainage gravel?  The adulation will never stop.  Prepare to be loved by everyone and immortalized in the history books.  You're welcome, world!

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We extended the July 4th sale until 12am (EST) tonight.  Last chance to get 15% off almost everything in the store.



use code july4


And don't forget to check out Sales as well for an additional 20 - 50% off select titles from the catalog ... 27 titles to be exact.  The july4 code works for these releases too.  If you ever wanted to catch up on our discography, now is the time!

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