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Trying to free up some space and recoup funds after a few recent purchases. Don't really listen to most of these anyway, so take them off my hands. Feel free to message me for photos/prices.


- City Lights - The Way Things Should Be - White /500 | Came from InVogue Records spring sale with no cover, but the sleeve is in perfect shape and the record plays perfectly. 


- Northbound - Death Of A Slug - Pink /100 | Opened, but never spun and in perfect condition. Didn't really feel the album. 


- Pentimento - I, No Longer - White / Black A-side / B-side - /200 | Opened, never spun. 


- Salvia Palth - Melanchole - Coke bottle blue - /100 | Just got it today, so it's never been spun.


- Seasons Change - Please Don't Leave -  Mint Green W/ Purple Splatter - /600 | Spun probably once and just put back on my shelf. 


- State Champs - The Acoustic Things - Hot Pink Inside Royal Blue - /2000 | Opened, played probably once. There's two seam splits on the sleeve.


- Such Gold - Pedestals - Clear w/ white, orange, & blue - /600 | Bought off someone and never played it. In perfect condition. It looks more clear than anything, tbh.


- This Time Next Year - Dropout Life - Dark burgundy - /500 | Never played and in perfect condition.


- The Story So Far - Self-titled - Royal blue in clear color-in-color - 2500 | Never played because I just didn't like the album.

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