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Tor Johnson Records 2016 thread

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been awhile. figured i'd make a little post in case anyone cares.

its been a crazy busy year. 3 releases out already and 3 more planned before the year is done. it would be cool if you checked out some tunes. all available to stream at torjohnsonrecords.bandcamp.com and the distro is growing insanly...tons of stuff at www.torjohnsonrecords.com

new this year:
Raw Blow - Slow Choke 7" (members of Now Denial, Furnace, Luau, Bravo Fucking Bravo)
Tyler Daniel Bean / Au Revoir - Live At Dead Air 7" (cover art by Will Schaff...as in GSYBE Lift Your Skinny Fists)
Moment - Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers: A Complete Discography 2xLP (4 years in the making. indie band from Boston in the late 90s/early 00s)
coming soon:
Ascend/Descend - Murdock St LP (debut lp from new crushing boston hc band. members of American Nightmare, Lunglust, Math The Band, etc)
Ordinary Lives 7" (members of Bridge & Tunnel, Saetia)
Tyler Daniel Bean - On Days Soon To Pass LP (finally a new LP from Tyler. for fans of Pedro The Lion, etc. also with cover art from Will Schaff)

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a little bump-bump

we're half way through the year and already have 4 releases out in the world! Ascend/Descend, Moment Discography, Au Revoir/Tyler Daniel Bean split, and Raw Blow 7"s are now available! both the Ordinary Lives 7" and Tyler Daniel Bean LP are at the pressing plant. expect Ordinary Lives pre-orders soon. Tyler Daniel Bean pre-orders will probably be in the fall. please take a minute and check out the webstore. every purchase helps us put out more records  AND we have the "bigisbetter" coupon going til the end of the month. get 50% off orders $100 or more.

next year is our 15th anniversary. since we're going a little "release crazy" this year, we'll be doing a little less next year. expect a cool compilation with some un-released stuff from a bunch of our bands. we're going to be working with some rad artists to do some more limited edition merch. and we're going to be working on our next "passion project" now that the Moment Discography is out: a vinyl release of There Were Wires - Somnamblist!

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1 minute ago, monsterrod said:

Somnambist!?!? Bad ass!!!

i was keeping that one off the internet until i got the Moment release out in the world. But yeah, from talking to Thomas via the Moment thing and Jaime while he was writing the insert intro, it came up. we got word from everyone that they are into it about 2 months ago. can't wait!!

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Just happened to come across preorders for the new Tyler Daniel Bean record:




also there is a mega package with a loaf of bread lol

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surprise everyone!! i normally put up pre-orders secretly 24 hours before the big announcement and email our webstore customers for first crack at them. i'll bump this again later today. Brooklyn Vegan will be making an announcement and streaming the first single. FYI: all orders placed through the TJR store will be entered into a raffle for a copy of a test press. also continuing our tradition of ridiculous stuff with pre-orders, yes there is a loaf of bread super pack. the super pack also gets an exclusive print based off the cover art. so, yup. feel free to jump the gun and get your orders in!

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