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Pre-order now: TWIABP - Formlessness Remastered and Recrecorded + Live on KEXP

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13737500_1063063657075552_76316882590365We've talked about this project for quite a while but it has finally come together. 6 years ago we released our first EP "Formlessness" via bandcamp. It was recorded in my basement with pretty much 1 microphone and a very limited knowledge on how to actually record music. Throughout the years of lineup changes and our tendency to improv and evolve our songs live these 4 songs have changed quite a bit. We have spent over a year re-recording Formlessness to reflect how the songs have changed. We are also having the original version of the EP mastered for the first time. We are releasing the 2 versions on a single 12" EP. A-side is the original Formlessness, actually mastered, and for the first time on vinyl all 4 tracks are present. The B-side of the record is what I'm calling Formlessness 2016. Pre-orders for the vinyl will go up tomorrow (Friday 7/15) via Broken World Media. We will release the EP digitally for free on our bandcamp on August 20th, 6 years after the original EP came out.




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39 minutes ago, MCDELTAT said:

SMH keep calm. My auto deposit will kick in a few hours. If this doesn't last I will *fill in angry blank here*________

EDIT: Who want's to be a hero? 

I think you're gonna be ok. The fact that there are 2 /150 variants and a /200 will probably mean they all last a little bit longer. 

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48 minutes ago, curator said:

I was going to buy a bunch of pre-orders from BWM tonight, but shipping costs $20 for 6 records (we're both in PA).  I'm sure they would refund me the difference, but I'll grab them some other time.

Yeah their shipping prices are ridiculous.  Why is this such an issue with so many labels?

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27 minutes ago, hammertime said:

Yeah their shipping prices are ridiculous.  Why is this such an issue with so many labels?

I don't think they've ever figured out/taken the time to properly set up their shipping for just LPs via media mail. I also don't think they would have any issue with refunding shipping overages, doubt they would legit charge anyone $20 for media mail.

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12 minutes ago, Mattallurgist said:

I paid $38 to get the bundle shipped to the UK. Came out at over £50 altogether. I didn't want to miss out, but it really stings paying so much. I just emailed about maybe getting some of that refunded as I imagine this is just the price of shipping two seperate individual 12"s...

Yeah two 12"s should be $21.38..

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Yeah, not super stoked on the shipping costs to Canada. 

Ended up paying too much for the half yellow/half blue + cassette. 

Passed on the KEXP LP since I have the cassette and don't really see myself listening to it all that much. 


I'm really really excited to hear this. 

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