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Envy On The Coast vinyl

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1 minute ago, MCDELTAT said:

Cool cool. I have a time machine so I'll just jump ahead 10 years or so, look on Discogs to see if they ever repress it and then bring it back. But send me the money now cause the crystal hydride fuel required to break the time flux barrier can get expensive.

They said on Twitter that they'd have vinyl out on this tour. Lmao 

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4 hours ago, siberiankiss said:

Crossing my fingers these aren't all gone by the time the tour's over. Lucy Gray is my white whale. I'd kill myself if it's sold out before I get a copy.


I'd love to get a copy of Lowcountry. I'll probably hold off on committing suicide if I miss it though. Just not that big of a fan I guess.

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