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PO: Fit For A King - "Deathgrip"

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Seems recently bands only post teasers of songs with pre-orders... or release entire songs without anywhere to order.


EDIT: Finally... a full song:



Transparent w/White Haze Variant #300 copies



Transparent w/Black Smoke Variant #400 copies


FYE Exclusive Coke Bottle Clear




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33 minutes ago, Han Solo said:

Definitely looking forward to this. They're easily one of my favourite live bands. 

Hopefully I'll be able to see them soon. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, the 3-4 hour travel (to a "big" venue) sucks. Although, there is a city/venue(s) about an hour away, but they seldom get anybody of my interest.


But yes, another anticipated album of mine as well! Now I wish they'd just press the "remastered" 'Descendants'...

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9 hours ago, Han Solo said:

Looks like a couple people have these already! I'm so stoked to hear the song Levi Benton was featured on. I've got a real soft spot for Miss May I.


Also, there appears to be a new coke bottle clear FYE variant.


It's been leaked for about a week now ;) It's a really good album. And thanks for the FYE heads up, I'll update the main post.

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On October 17, 2016 at 2:35 PM, No This Is Patrick said:

Got my haze copy finally, wish there was more white coloring or something though. And this is my first "fail" vinyl with both sides being labeled "B"... so my first listen is going to be fun.

Lol i just got mine, they didnt ship it for like a week and both sides are labled "b" as well.

i think someone returned it because it came opened down the side. Its all good though


this album is amazing

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