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Twisted Records Thread (Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Ott, Prometheus, Younger Brother)

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Dear Shponglers,

Shpongle - Tales Of the Inexpressible (Remastered) Limited Edition (850) on translucent BLUE VINYL will be available on Wednesday 20th June 6pm GMT via our Bandcamp page. Ships on or around 25th June.

Next up after this will be Nothing Lasts Remastered due for release early September. There's also other BIG Shpongle news coming in September so please keep a look out.


Stay Shpongled

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I emailed Simon Holtom asking about the NL...BNIL remaster, since it was said to be available in october.



So this both means no more remasters (and deluxe releases?), and since AYS? Remaster and Codex VI are 3 vinyl, the box set shouldn't contain Shpongle 7 and then it might not be so far away?


I also told Simon that Red Rocks Live vinyl for the Grand Finale would be super cool... Here's hoping.

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