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Secret Santa 2016 - The Unisex Edition

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Alright!  It's been a busy week, sorry for the delay in getting the pictures up.


So the boarder guards saw Juan shipping a big heavy box and decided it was full of drugs ;) :



Gwar Beer!!! My buddy was super jealous.  I'm not a huge IPA fan, but these were pretty decent:



The full, glorious package!


  1. Two Gwar beers
  2. A huge-ass Walt Disney biography.  I'm not much of a non-fiction reader, but there are a few people interesting enough that I would read, and Walt is definitely one of those!
  3. Deftones - Rocket Skates 7".  I'm super happy to get this, actually.  I have a mostly complete Deftones collection (well, the major stuff), but I was missing this one because I gave a copy to a friend as a gift.  Thank you for replacing it!  I love large-hole 7"s too /sexual.
  4. Prong - Turnover 7".  I've been a casual Prong fan since his involvement with Argyle Park (Juan, check out their album 'Misguided' if you have not before), and the b-side features a kick-ass remix by Pig!!
  5. Refused - Servants of Death LP.  I haven't heard this release before and am really looking forward to spinning it.  Refused is a band that I've never really gotten into, but purely just from not taking the time, everything I've heard from them sounds awesome.
  6. Three mix CDs.  I've already worked my way through the first, and it's awesome!  Thank you for introducing me to Milk Teeth, I love it!  Really looking forward to working through the rest.


And his letter:


No worries at all about being late!  Like I said, it worked out well, it's been a stressful week so it was super rad having this come in when it did.  I don't know much about what's going on outside of what you've posted here or on Twitter, but I sincerely hope things start getting better for you.



Is that a wrap?  Was anyone else waiting?


Thank you everyone for participating and making this year super rad, all the gifts looked great.  This was probably the most fun year I've participated in.

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3 hours ago, daegor said:

So.... @controlthebleeding are you taking a (much deserved) break this year?


yep. mikes sitting out this year :( I'm still going to be organizing it though...just trying to find someone else to help out with it. I just started a separate thread to get the ball rolling  :) 

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