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Secret Santa 2016 - The Unisex Edition

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On 9/23/2016 at 1:35 PM, themeconspiracy said:


awwww we love you mike! 

i really only know a handful of people from way back when i used to post in small talk. good peeps.

and yeah! if anyone wants to bug me on facebook...have at it. https://www.facebook.com/lauren.deluca.54

And this guy that you randomly met at St Vitus hanging out with Chris!

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I hate writing about myself, but here's my vinylcollective okcupid profile.

I'm Andy. I'm a Ph.D student in organic chemistry living in Atlanta hoping to graduate in December. Running out of time to make that goal so we'll see how it goes. My life pretty much consists of biking everywhere in Atlanta, hitting up art galleries, going to shows and playing/reffing hockey. Pretty involved in the street art scene out here. I've assisted with like 10 murals in Atlanta and 1 or 2 in Miami. My instagram is pretty much full of street art mostly Atlanta stuff unless I'm traveling www.instagram.com/shenanigans_atl. Some of my favorite artists are Troy Lovegates, SharkToof, Hense, Sever, Jaz and Xuan Alyfe. I did radio on and off for 8 years. Some of the last shows I did like 3 years ago are still up on youstream http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/40039002

I'm also kind of OCD and keep track of a bunch of my bike rides, as well as all the shows I go to and my records. I do a bunch of random alleycats around town (if you don't know what that is, it's a bike race with no route - just checkpoints you have to hit so its not just about being fast, but knowing the city to make the best route and how brave you want to be running red lights and things of that nature). As of writing this I'm at 112 shows for the year and 270 something different bands. www.concertarchives.org/shenanigans. www.deadformat.net/tradelist/shenanigans Favorite band is the bouncing souls - that ones pretty easy from looking at my collection. Then H2O, Bad Religion, Rancid, Descendents, Street Dogs, OFF!, you get the point. Newer bands I'm really digging - Night Birds, Antarctigo Vespucci, Angel Du$t, Tacocat, Darkbuster.

Hopefully that covers it.

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hi hi hello.  i’m lauren. i live in brooklyn and will be turning 31 the day before halloween (naturally this means that  i enjoy all spooky things and horror films).  definitely looking forward to celebrating my birthday at fest this year! i work in the media industry where typically do photo and designy things.


music: my music tastes are pretty all over the place and i tend to like at least a little bit of everything, from quebecois folk music to synthy dance jams to punk to country. i do love me some country. 90s/2000s punk, emo, ska, and hardcore will always have a huge spot in my heart since that’s what i grew up on. i love anything bob nanna, blake schwarzenbach, or greg graffin-related. i’m pretty terrible at picking favorites but i’d probably have to say that Bad Religion is my number one. i also have a major soft spot for musicians' solo/side projects, especially when it's a totally different genre than the music they're typically known for and bonus points if said side project is alt country  (ex: mike herrera - tumbledown, jim ward - sleepercar, jeremy chatelain - cub country, chad price - drag the river, mariachi el bronx, brett detar, nick 13, etc etc). i’m pretty open to most music. the only place where i get super picky is when it comes to bands with female singers. not sure why, but  i just can’t get into most female singers.


i generally keep my deadformat up to date, so it's a pretty accurate representation of what i have and what i like. i do have a want list on discogs, but it’s kind of a hot mess that only makes sense to me haha. i tend to just dump tons of stuff on it and never wind up taking anything off, even after buying it. the bulk of what’s on there is just duplicates/other pressings/variants of things i already own or random things i throw on there that i might grab if they ever popped up for super cheap, but not things i’m actively seeking out. there are still a ton of things on there i do want if that’s helpful information for you to have, but i’d be just as happy with something you love that i’ve never heard of. 


movies/tv: horror, comedies, jeunet, aronofsky, lynch,  random music docs, cheesy lifetime/hallmark movies, crime shows (pretty much everything on ID), law & order SVU (i’ve seen every single episode. more than once.), orphan black, lost girl, skins, a bunch more things i’m too tired to think of right now. 


books: i read pretty much every day on the subway when i commute to work. lately mostly fiction or music/pop culture related books. some of my favorite books include Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield,  The Perks of Being a Wallflower,  Geek Love by Katherine Dunn,  and The Great Gatsby.  currently reading Tommy Land and it is actually way better than expected.


other random things i enjoy: zombies, david hasselhoff, bacon,  football, hockey, canadian football, beer, narwhals, my SNES, baking, tattoos and  traditional tattoo art. i also love cats. i have one. his name is jäger. he's pretty damn awesome.  


like most people, i love to travel and am trying to make a point of doing more of it. in the last 12 months, i actually traveled more than i probably have in the last 12 years, including some pretty epic trips to Australia, Mexico City, and a very spontaneous last minute adventure in Texas. on almost all of my trips, i was lucky enough to get to meet up with some pretty awesome VC people, from record shopping and drinking beers with an Aussie VCer in Sydney to chowing down on some BBQ with our other fearless Secret Santa Leader, Mike, in Austin. also like most people, i love to go to shows and usually go to at least one a week.  


other random things i collect: random david hasselhoff stuff, art prints & gig posters, way too many band shirts, random small toys,  lego minifigs, and knick knacks that guard my record collection.


for further stalking/research purposes, my instagram lives here: http://instagram.com/themeconspiracy if you need to know anything else feel free to have someone ask me :)

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Hey secret santa! My name is Connor and I'm from Southern New Jersey just outside of Philadelphia, though my girlfriend lives in the city so I spend a lot of time there as well. I'm 23 and finishing up my final year of college at Rutgers with a major in English (what can I say, they made me pick something eventually) and a minor in Film. When I graduate I'd like to work in film/tv production and I was a production assistant on the set of a feature length b-horror movie called Death House that shot back in April. I've had some other various PA gigs since then too, but nothing nearly as cool.


I play music too and just released my first solo full-length (though I'd recorded albums with my old band before) a week ago after a 2 year writing process and 9 months of recording at a studio called The Gradwell House in New Jersey with my friend Matt Weber (formerly of Young Statues and currently the touring guitar player for A Great Big Pile of Leaves). You can listen to it here if you want (and it would mean a ton to me if you could check it out)! I also play in 2 other bands that are still writing material and haven't released anything yet or played any shows. The first one is called Wild Dust and I play guitar; we're a weird, swampy punk band kindof like The Cramps/Murder City Devils or something. The second is a pop-punk/emo band called Pallet Town and I sing and play bass in that one. I also do write for/do video stuff with a local DIY music blog called Cemetery Tapes which one of the other guys in Pallet Town started.


As far as my taste in music goes I'm into all different kinds of stuff, though mostly modern rock/emo/whatever you wanna call it. You can check out my collection here and I always keep both my collection and wantlist up to date. This year I've been into a lot of bands that I've always wanted to get into, but that have never quite 'clicked' for me until recently, like Bright Eyes (Cassadaga has become one of my desert island albums this year), Thursday and Title Fight. My all-time favorite bands/musicians are Brand New, Glen Hansard (of The Frames/The Swell Season) and Dallas Green (of City and Colour/Alexisonfire). I also go to a ton of shows; some of the best I've been to this year have been Glen Hansard (who I got to meet after a show in September) and Pinegrove acoustic at a house show in South Philly this summer.


If you need to get any more dirt on me, you can find me on Instagram (connorrothstein) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/connor.rothstein). Thank you so much!! <3



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Hey everyone, my name is Ian, I live in Southern California. I turn 34 3 days after xmas.

I love the outdoors and photography. I'm a diehard LA Kings fan but I also love hockey in general. I also love to cook/grill.

Music wise my favorite bands are Rancid & Lucero. As a general statement I love pop punk (I work for Pure Noise so I already have all our releases). I've been on a big classic rock bindge and have been trying to grow that part of my collection.

Ill update this more later.

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My name is Jared, and I'm on Santa's naughty list. I'll be 25 this month and I live in Salt Lake City. 


I'm into all sorts of music. I love 90s indie (labels like Elephant 6, UP, etc), shoegaze, stoner/doom, folk/americana (especially with female vocals),  post rock, ambient, Electronic, post-punk, jazz, and everything in between. Some of my favorite bands are Pavement, Built to Spill, The Radio Dept., Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Mogwai, Low, Radiohead, Ty Segall, The Microphones/Mount Eerie,  Melvins, Goya, Eagle Twin, LCD Soundsystem, Cal Tjader, Wilco, Guided by Voices, Earth, Neil Young, and many more. Here's my Discogs page for reference


As for other activities, I'm a big car/motorcycle guy. I love anything vintage European and Japanese. Someday, I'd love to restore a BMW 2002 and build a custom cafe racer style bike (out of an old BMW airhead or Honda CB). It's just a pipe dream for now though. I go to a lot of car meets/cruises/shows with my brother in his 78 Classic Mini (the link isn't his car, but you get the idea). I also help friends work on their cars. It's a fun hobby.


I haven't been a lot in the last few years, but I love snowboarding in the winter. I'm hoping to make it up the mountain a lot more in the coming months. I go to a ton of shows. I average about two or three a week. I love traveling for shows when I can. I just spent a weekend at Red Rocks this summer, and it was incredible. I'm hoping to travel more often.  Whenever I'm somewhere new, I try and stop by a record store and ask the clerk for some local band recommendations. I love buying cool local music. Maybe you could include some of your favorite local bands or maybe your band if you're in one. 


Like any other young adult, play video games (PS4/Xbox One) and watch a lot of movies/TV. Some favorite shows are Arrested Development, Orphan Black, The IT Crowd, 30 Rock, Stranger Things, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, etc. 


I'm not super picky, so I'm sure I'll love whatever I'm given. Thanks!


Here's my Instagram if it helps.

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My name is [CENSORED], 
I'm 31, and I have an awesome little 4 year old dude. I've been in [CENSORED] for a year and a half now ([CENSORED]!).

I have super weird selective taste in everything, especially music. Here is my collection: http://www.discogs.c...ion?user=Daegor and my wantlist: http://www.discogs.c...ist?user=Daegor. I am not a variant collector. I rarely listen to the radio, so chances are if it isn't on my want/have list, or last.fm (http://www.last.fm/user/Daegor) then I probably haven't heard them before, but I am always eager to consume more music.  All genres are game, though I would be impressed if you found any Country I liked.


Some staples I dig from various genres:

  • Alexisonfire
  • Battle Tapes
  • Big Black Delta
  • Birds In Row
  • The Black Queen
  • Celldweller / Circle of Dust / Argyle Park / etc
  • The Chariot / '68
  • Chelsea Wolfe
  • Childish Gambino
  • clipping.
  • Death From Above 1979
  • Deftones
  • Every Time I Die
  • Explosions in the Sky
  • FKA Twigs
  • Gallows / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  • Gifts from Enola
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Haedes
  • Junius
  • Massive Attack
  • mewithoutYou
  • Neverending White Lights
  • Nine Inch Nails / How to Destroy Angels / etc
  • Norma Jean
  • O'Brother
  • Rosetta
  • Saul Williams
  • Sir Sly
  • Starflyer 59
  • Zao

I like TV shows like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Brooklyn 99, Bojack Horseman, and movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fight Club, and other such mind trip movies, but really will like nearly any movie for one reason or another (Pixar movies and gems like How to Train Your Dragon, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, etc).

I love microbreweries, GOOD liquor, etc.

I like to read, mostly sci-fi stuff like Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert.



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My name is Sean. I'm 30 and live in Estes Park, CO with my wife, 3 year old daughter, 6 month old son, and dog Lola. I love it here and am always outside hiking or back country skiing. I have Denver Broncos season tickets. Beer is my drink of choice. I am spoiled by all the breweries around here. I also brew my own. Whisky and Gin are a close second to beer too.




My Instagram handle is the same as here: seangj 




As far as music goes, my tradelist should give you a pretty good idea. I'm open to pretty much anything. 




My shirt size is L and I do enjoy reading Dave Eggers.



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15 hours ago, themeconspiracy said:

@Youinreverse @seangj @backpackoat @ianmonsta @ajhall04 @scottheisel @cesar11 @hxcoliver 


please post your 'About Me'


you're all currently on Santa's naughty list <_<



Hi. I'm Scott. I'm 34 and I live in Cleveland (originally from northern Illinois). I've been on this board since the first week it was created, way back in June 2007. As such, I've spent waaaaaay too much money on records because of VC, so don't think you need to buy me vinyl to make me happy for Secret Santa (although I do have my eye on that new Blue Album MoFi reissue on blue vinyl...).


So yeah, I own a lot of records — I haven't done a proper inventory in quite some time but it's definitely over 5000. My favorite bands to collect are Weezer, No Knife, Mando Diao, Jimmy Eat World and Minus The Bear. That pretty much sums up my favorite types of music, too — '90s emo, math rock, pop-punk, stuff that makes you feel sad, and catchy power-pop/alt-rock. Some of my favorite records of 2016 include Descendents, Nothing, Charles Bradley, Touche Amore, Masked Intruder, PUP, Weezer, Tiny Moving Parts, Against Me! and Pinegrove.


I still buy cassettes not because they're trendy but because my car stereo has a dual CD player/cassette deck and the CD player broke a few years back, so cassettes it is!


I also love pro wrestling, as well the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Cavaliers. (My wife and I actually have Cavs season tickets.) I listen to way too much sports talk radio and watch way too much WWE Network.


I don't play videogames or read comic books all too often, but in terms of movies, my all-time favorites are That Thing You Do, High Fidelity and the Star Wars series. All-time favorite TV shows include Seinfeld, Sports Night, Newsradio, Southland, Game Of Thrones and the Daily Show.


If you wanna lurk me, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, IG and Snapchat: @scottheisel

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sorry for the delay.


my name is Oliver, i'm 27.  i live in Vegas (where the party never stops!)


some of my favorite bands are The Mars Volta (ultimate favorite band, and all of the stuff Omar does) The Strokes, Death From Above 1979, The Killers, Gogol Bordello, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. i like music that i can go wild to at a live show, or at least have some energy. the funnest and most memorable shows are always the ones where shit gets wild. not down for music that's too slow, although there are a few exceptions like Portishead, Chelsea Wolfe and the like. i've started to like some electronic music, not sure exactly what type, i think maybe synthwave? but stuff like Survive, FM-84, Teeel, soundtrack music that sounds like 80s synth stuff. i just don't know of too much though. same with Black Metal. i like stuff i've heard like Deafheaven, Ghost Funeral, Venom, but again, not familiar with too many bands. i like the higher pitched screaming as opposed to bands that are all deep growls (i find that so annoying). i can get down on some punk and thrash or hardcore too. i wish i knew more of like rockabilly, surf, type of stuff. i like it when i hear it at bars and stuff, but never actually sit down and listen to it. guess that's my fault. anyway, sorry if this is a damn mess.


and outside of music, i really like photography. everything i shoot is always on film, never really touch my digital camera. and i've gotten into instant film the past few years too. there's something still super awesome about holding a photo in your hand, watching it develop, and knowing that it's the only print like that. can't duplicate it or anything.


movies: the matrix, toy story, jurassic park, a clockwork orange, quentin tarantino, wes anderson, michel gondry,



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What up Santa,

My name is Brandon, I'm 25 years old and I am a financial advisor with a focus on family protection and savings, and retirement planning (EXCITING!!!!!). 

Music is great. But it would be weird if I said it wasn't while part of a music collective. My favorites are Circa Survive, Bon Iver, City and Colour, Grouplove, Mutemath, any Jack Antonoff project, Jimmy Eat World, Every Time I Die, Silversun Pickups, Nada Surf, St. Lucia, etc. etc. Same stuff anyone says. I'm getting into more and more of that electronic chill, ambient, and I've always loved jazz as well. I'm always open to new suggestions. I realize I'm hard to shop for in this department because I pretty much own everything I want, but if that's the avenue you wanted to go down there are some common records I never got around to buying if you check the wants section of my tradelist. Both my wants and haves are always kept up to date. I would absolutely not be offended if you didn't end up being able to come up with some music ideas for my gift. 

Comedyyyyyyyy. It's pretty much all I pay attention to. Comedy Bang! Bang! and the Monday Morning Podcast are my go-to podcasts. Loveline was my favorite before it ended. Conan, Louie, Portlandia, Parks and Recreation, BoJack Horseman, 30 Rock, Scrubs. And pretty much any kind of stand-up. Don't really watch too many movies. 

I love watching the US National Team play soccer, as horrific as they can be sometimes. I also like watching MLS but I haven't paid any attention to this year's season at all for various reasons. I don't watch any other sports. 

I read books, but strictly nonfiction, mostly comedians memoirs. I also enjoy books like Dataclysm and So You've Been Publicly Shamed if you can think of something similar. I also read DC and indie comics. 


Thank you again, I understand I am a tough cookie to shop for, but I love participating every year and I will appreciate your gift. If you need clarification on something or have any questions, Lauren is my SS moderator and I will be happy to help you out through her. 

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I'm AJ. Pretty simple. I'll make this easy or hard. Surprise me. 


I'm an educator for over 10 years. Husband. Father. Music and Automobile enthusiast. Play guitar. Collect cool antiques. Have a jukebox. Have two cool dogs (random fact section). 


I rarely watch tv. I do play the occasional PS4 game. Devoted Arizona Cardinals fan (weird right?) I also host a couple vinyl nights locally at some beer establishments because I enjoy a good brew (more random facts). 


Muaically my tradelist says a great deal. Garage, punk, indie, ska, etc. Open to surprises! 


So whoever has me...just have fun with your selections! I look forward to what you come up with! 


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sorry for the lag, Secret Santa!


Hi! I'm Cesar. I'm 28, turning 29 in November, and live in Los Angeles. I'm a Content Producer for a ticketing company so I'm always around music and sports. It's pretty awesome.

I really do love all kinds of music, it's insane. Top 10 favorite bands/acts are (in no order) ; Thrice, Against Me!, Descendents, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Atmosphere, MxPx, Ceremony, Neutral Milk Hotel and Radiohead.

I really, REALLY enjoying watching movies. I sometimes even go see one by myself. I find it really soothing, as weird as that sounds. Action, Comedy, Thriller, Horror/Suspense, chick flicks, I really love them all.

I don't read as much as I should/want to but I will read a good book and will take my time with it. The last book I read I got for Xmas last year and I barely finished it about a month ago. Like I said, I'll read it but extremely slow.

I am a smoker. I know I should quit but I don't quit! haha, awful joke I know. Black American Spirits are my brand. Have always been.

I do drink as well, but not too much. I've had the same 6 pack of beer in my fridge for about a month now so that should tell you something HA!

I do watch TV but I'm mainly into reruns (SEINFELD). Lately I've finally gotten into some great shows (all the Netflix ones, you know what they are. everyone does!) that finally caught my attention. Oh, and I'm also HUGE into wrestling (WWE/WWF & NJPW, not that TNA crap).


If you want to dig into more of what I like and do on a daily basis, my IG handle is: ceserrano


I hope this helped out, SS!



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1 hour ago, scottheisel said:

Holy crap, I got my VC SS package TODAY. It's not even Halloween yet! I am so torn, I wanna open it ASAP but I also wanna try to wait until we're at least to November... Decisions, decisions...


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4 hours ago, scottheisel said:

Holy crap, I got my VC SS package TODAY. It's not even Halloween yet! I am so torn, I wanna open it ASAP but I also wanna try to wait until we're at least to November... Decisions, decisions...

Since Jacob isn't participating this year, I'll channel him and yell "GOD, PEOPLE! IT'S CALLED SECRET SANTA, NOT SECRET PUMPKIN!!!!!"

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