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Hey guys looking to buy some specific records! I've gotten very lucky lately and have scored a lot of my wishlist for pretty good prices, but i still have many things I want to buy! Message me with the price you are looking to sell at!


**Mothership - Dance Gavin Dance (TRICOLOR /300)**
Chasing Ghosts - The Amity Affliction (any press)
The Things We Think We're Missing - Balance and Composure (Blue w/ Sparkle, coke bottle, yellow/pink haze) 
LIGHTS Self Titled EP  (pink marble, pink translucent) 
Little Machines (Test Press) - LIGHTS
Suicide Season (Red or White), There Is A Hell (Clear), Sempiternal (Translucent Gold, Clear w/ Black Smoke, Brown) - Bring Me The Horizon
When We Don't Exist - Like Moths To Flames 
Consider This - Tonight Alive (Any Press) 
Mayday Parade Self Titled LP
Black Diamonds - Issues
Get What You Give (Blue) - The Ghost Inside 
Acoustic Sessions 7" 1&2 - Tiger's Jaw
Songs About The Weather - Basement (Any Press) 
Studio Ghibli Soundtrack Vinyl (looking for all ghibli movies soundtracks that exist on vinyl) 
Vancouver, Untitled, Hear Here II, Hear Here III - La Dispute
Diamond (Decade Edition only), Comes From The Heart, The Hope Division - Stick To Your Guns (any presses)
The Story So Far / Maker Split (Any Press)
Riot! (White or Blue) - Paramore
Any Paramore 7" (other than misery business jukebox/hallelujah orange cover)
Peripheral Vision, Humblest Pleasures TEST PRESS - Turnover 

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