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WTB: Slackers flexi (white)/Rare Breed Flexi Box, Gaslight Anthem tour LP

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I am looking to buy a copy of the white Slackers flexi that Rare Breed released as part of its box set.  I would be interested in the whole box, but that is the one I am after.  

My whole want list is below...I am down to a handful of tough ones.  If you have any leads on any of these, please let me know:

- S/T LP - Philippines pressing (QCL-22199)
- Modern Industry 12" - Philippines pressing (CE-EP-18047)

The Fluid
- Tin Top Toy 7" - red vinyl

The Gaslight Anthem
- Get Hurt LP - half red/half clear tour edition
- Senor and the Queen 2x7" - white vinyl

Jump With Joey
- El Diablo Ska 7" - red vinyl
- Provocation 7" - black vinyl

- Bleach LP (Sub Pop) - iceberg vinyl
- Sliver 7" - red vinyl

Pretty Girls Make Graves
- By the Throat (silkscreened Los Angeles/Pomona tour sleeve)

Rocket from the Crypt
- Split 7" w/ Radio Wendy - Grey granite sleeve w/ glow-in-the-dark/black ink
- Boychucker 7" - picture disc variant w/ A-side pic on both sides
- Pure Genius 7" - red vinyl

- Measure 7" - pink marble

- Split 7" w/ The Mr. T Experience (Top Drawer) - green vinyl

The Slackers
- The Question 2xLP - color vinyl, sold during the 2013 holiday tour
- Rare Breed flexi (white - Rare Breed box set version)

- OMG tour cassette

Tiger Trap/Henry's Dress
- The Astronautical Music Festival 7" (Slumberland) - Pete Townshend sleeve

Velocity Girl
- Copacetic LP - pink marble vinyl

- The Thing that Ate Floyd 2xLP - light blue marble vinyl
- The Thing that Ate Floyd 2xLP - red vinyl


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