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FS: The records you really want that I don't really want to sell. (part 1)

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Hello all. Here's the deal. I am trying to replace a Martin d-35 that was inadvertently trashed in transit to a show recently. The catch is, baby atticus is almost here and so there's about to be a moratorium on spending monies on anything other than diapers. I figured rather than tap into his college fund before he's even born, that I would  make an effort to be a grown up and let go of some of the more choice pieces in this frivolous horde I have amassed. If you feel a price is unfair, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. Do know that I'm not looking to give these away. Also, once I've sold enough to afford the guitar I will be closing the sale. Buyer pays flat $5 shipping regardless of how many records are purchased. 



$50 - the academy is... - almost here - 1st press green /1000

$75 acceptance - phantoms - 1st press blue w/white/grey marble /300

$45 - At the Drive in - relationship of command - RSD orange marble

$115 - the avett bros - four thieves gone - 4xlp 1st press

$150 - Ben Folds - Ben folds live - 2002 solo tour

$100 - the black keys - brothers - RSD 2xlp+10" 

$175 - brand new - TDAG - academy fight song press blue/black swirl /500

$400 - brand new - your favorite weapon - 1st iodine pressing - white /100

$50 - citizen cope - the rainwater LP 

$60 - death cab featuring magik magik orchestra - RSD /4000

$200 - the Eagles - hell freezes over live 

$200 - fall out boy - from under the cork tree - 1st press black die cut sleeve /1000

$75 - fall out boy - infinity on high - blue/white splatter

$150 - fall out boy - take this to your grave - 2009 pressing - blue

$60 - the format - dog problems - white etched /1000

$70 - the format - interventions & lullabies - orange /1000

$150 - freelance whales - weathervanes - **slight corner bend**

$80 - Kevin Devine - driving baby lips - Kickstarter exclusive

$60 - Kevin Devine - she stayed as steam - coke bottle 





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It's payday.. Treat yo self!


A few have sold, headed to the post office in the morning. I'm willing to wiggle a little on some of these. Others not so much. I tried to price most at the lower end of the discogs spectrum. I'm not good at letting go. Thanks to the folks who have reached out you've all been really cool. 

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