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MASSIVE ATTACK REISSUES - Blue Lines, Protection, No Protection

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9 hours ago, armadillo01 said:

I'm skipping BFRSD for this if I have to (probably will). Good God, I hope my friends with presale access pull through. I'm almost considering Detroit, too. Masonic Temple is the most perfect venue in the world for that band and this album.

 I never thought I'd be able to see Fraser perform live. So I was insanely excited for this. But I was really really hoping that Detroit show would be earlier in March. So I was bummed yesterday when these dates got released as that show is two days after my child is due. Guess I'll just have to be happy with that instead!

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Yeah, I just went to add this to my iCal and saw its the start of kids Spring Break. Its a no go for me. Luckily I saw them do it in 98 at the Vic, so at least I got that memory. 



Actually I saw them on the collected tour as well and I'm pretty sure they played most of then album then too.


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3 hours ago, armadillo01 said:

Rumours are Liz Fraser has crippling stage-fright due to the PTSD the guys in Cocteau Twins made her suffer. They were offered several million to open some festival a few years back and she steadfast refused.

That was way back in 2005. They were announced for Coachella and then she backed out.  I remember being really bummed about that as I though CT were also going to tour on their own. But it's probably pretty difficult to go on tour with your ex husband. Other than random Massive Attack gigs she's only done a few solo shows that I'm aware of since CT broke up. Isn't her current husband the drummer for Massive Attack? I assumed that was the only reason she was going to try and tour again.

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