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Moneen - The Red Tree (Boxset)

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Just now, mmamalyga said:

That's perfect and helps me know what I need to bring tonight. I already have the initial Fullblast release but if anybody picked up the LP yesterday, what was the variant?



Yes, bring cash or use the ATM beside the merch table (probably best to just bring cash) The new Fullblast pressing is on clear :)

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2 hours ago, bridley said:

Box set is $60, Theory is $30, standard Red Tree is $25, Fullblast LP is $30.

Both bands had a bunch of shirts, but I don't wear t-shirts every anymore so I didn't really look at them. Should have taken a photo, sorry.


You just made my decade. Been wanting both Theory and Red Tree for a while. Bought both on CD back in the day and played them to death. 

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4 minutes ago, scottheisel said:


Sick typo on here. There are two track 12s!


Also, I've never even heard of those demos before, so hopefully those end up online somewhere/somehow. And what's on the cassette?

The demos are amazing. Those songs were already released on the RSD pressing of The Red Tree. I'm pretty sure anyhow. 

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15 hours ago, justindinealone said:

We'll likely have a few copies of the box set on sale from our webstore for those who couldn't make the shows. 


As for theory.. the version we're selling at these shows is part of the limited variant. I hope someone posts some pictures because these turned out really well


- 2x Metallic Gold / Black Swirl

- Glued Photo Widespine Jacket

- Mini Lozlo Journal

- Limited to 500


Copies will also be available online soon, and there will be enough to go around to please, please don't buy from a flipper


What is your site? Thanks.

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