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PO SOON : Wear Your Wounds - WYW

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2 minutes ago, jhulud said:

Dearest @deer, you take the best pics of records. Love it.


Thank youuuu! Recently got a new camera (for other purposes, not just records!) so I can finally get consistent colour balance in my pics. I love taking shots of them. This one specifically got a ton of nice angles, especially with that spot-gloss packaging.

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As an avid pot smoker who is very into music, I really almost never mention combining the two. It seems cliche and jam band level to be like "You gotta listen to it stoned, maaaaaan"


But this is seriously satisfying to listen to stoned. I listened through a 2nd time after smoking a bowl and sat frozen for the entirety, only moving to flip/change the records. 



Edit: Oh shit, shout out to Deer and Juan getting their pics re-instagramed by Bannon. 

Edited by Bladewillisisdead

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On Tuesday, February 07, 2017 at 0:37 PM, mattycakes said:


(Not sure why the above box popped up but...)


Man, Bannon is on it. Ordered 2 copies for @GreatGreenOne77 and I, only received 1 copy, emailed, and situation was taken care of in 5 mins, awesome.

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