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Comics (possible spoilers)

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Just got around to reading Shadowland #1 and Daredevil #508... Not into it at all. Andy Diggle is an awful writer. It sucks that after 9 years of some great DD comics by Bendis and then Brubaker, the series is going to go out on such a low note. I'm ready for the relaunch already. I just hope it's a new creative team.

***spoiler alert***

The Frank Miller image of Bullseye impaling Elektra with a sai is one of the greatest panels in comics history. But at this point I am so sick of seeing that image copied in every story involving Bullseye or Elektra. As soon as Bullseye began using a sai in Shadowland #1, I knew exactly what the end result was going to be. What a lack of creativity.

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Is anyone currently reading Green Arrow?

I'd like to start picking it up because Swamp Thing is returning to the DCU in this book, but I haven't read any of these recent DC Brightest Day event/crossover books. Will I be totally lost without reading any other Brightest Day books, or does the Green Arrow series stand on it's own?

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DC is dropping all their cover prices back to $2.99 in January.


Rumor is that Marvel will be doing the same.

This is great news! $4 comics have affected my buying habits probably more than anything else in my lifetime of buying comics. I can finally start trying out new titles again!

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Marvel says they will not be introducing any new books at a $3.99 price starting in January. Of course they don't say anything about dropping the price on the plethora of books that are already at $3.99.


To me it seems like Marvel made this announcement simply as a reaction to DC's price drop. I hope DC starts killing Marvel in sales and forces Marvel to drop the price on all their books.

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There is another Amazon glitch going on right now on Amazon.co.uk. A few preorders for Marvel Omnibus books are at low prices.


Unfortunately the exchange rate and shipping brings the price up a little bit, but still good deals to go around. I ordered the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus and the total came out to ~$40 in US dollars. Still much better than the $125 cover price!

Now I just have to wait until March for the release date.

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has anyone been keeping up w/ batman odyssey? i was curious if its any good

Tried to give this series a chance and couldn't get past the 3rd issue. Writer seemed like he was just making it up as he went and Batman is pretty much a dick in it in my opinion.

Deadpool MAX ftw. As well as Sweet Tooth.

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