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Hopeless Records just put up a whole bunch of vinyl reissues as well as a first-ever pressing of Amber Pacific's "The Possibility and the Promise" that are set to ship this Friday. What is everyone going to be picking up?!


  • All Time Low — Put Up or Shut Up (Green/Yellow Smash, 1,000)
  • All Time Low — So Wrong, It’s Right (Red/Blue Splatter, 1,000)
  • All Time Low — Nothing Personal (Half Pink/Half Light Blue, 1,000)
  • All Time Low — Straight To DVD (Half Black/Half Silver, 500)
  • All Time Low — Straight to DVD (Black with Silver Splatter, 500)
  • Anarbor — Free Your Mind (Purple with Green Splatter, 500)
  • Amber Pacific — The Possibility and the Promise (Black/Red Splatter, 500)
  • The Dangerous Summer — If You Could Only Keep Me Alive (Clear with Green and Pink Splatter, 300)
  • The Dangerous Summer — If You Could Only Keep Me Alive (White with Pink Splatter, 300)
  • The Dangerous Summer — Reach for the Sun, Half White/Half Blue, 500)
  • The Dangerous Summer — Black with Yellow and Orange Splatter, 500)
  • Moose Blood — Blush (Blue/White Smash, 1,000)
  • Moose Blood — Blush (Yellow/Green Splatter, 1,000)
  • Neck Deep — Rain In July (Red/Green Christmas, 1,000)
  • Neck Deep — Wishful Thinking (Halloween Orange, 1,000)
  • Thrice — Illusion of Safety (Light Blue/Black Splatter, 500)
  • Thrice — Illusion of Safety (Coke Bottle Clear with Black Splatter, 500)
  • We Are The In Crowd — Guaranteed To Disappear (Purple, White, Green Tri-Color, 500)
  • Yellowcard — When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes (White/Purple Smash, 1,000)
  • Yellowcard — When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes (Purple with White Smash, 500)
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Totally in for The Dangerous Summer records. Have been eagerly awaiting these pressings. I realize it's a total outside chance considering these are pre-orders, but is there any expectation of a Black Friday coupon code or anything from Hopeless? Don't want to order these today and find them 10% off in 2 days or something.

Edit: Looks like there's only 61 of the clear Keep Me Alive left so I guess I'm ordering tonight regardless.

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