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On 5/9/2017 at 1:32 PM, dantheriver said:

Updated the releases and added in a pretty important detail that I left out regarding the charities.  If you want anything else added just PM me and I'll get it in.  Same goes for if I slack on updating the releases, just give me a nudge and I'll get on it.


Also, did I miss the email with the 15% off code in it?  

thanks, dan!


yeah, we send that when you sign up, so probably. you can just hit up robbie at topshelfrecords dot com and he can get you it!



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13 minutes ago, richardsurf said:

Super stoked with my first package of records for this sub. I don't usually listen to math rock or bands outside of the US/Canada/UK, so it was awesome to get some of those Japanese and math rock records into my collection.

Has anyone gotten a copy of Ratboys yet? I'm looking forward to that and my 2nd shipment of LPs.

At least one of us has received their Ratboys (check out the specific thread for that album) and they got an exclusive /20 variant. I don't recall seeing a shipping notification for mine and I'm out of town so I have no idea if it's come in or not.

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42 minutes ago, linksisfromcanada said:

What's up with the Colossal - Brave the Elements LP that was included with the Wild Ones release? I couldn't find anything about this album being pressed. Was this announced anywhere?  Nice surprise. 

Yeah, that was a nice surprise. I just bought the Owen/Colossal split a few days ago as well, so very coincidental too.

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The 2018 Topshelf Records subscription is up! Be sure to enter my code RICHFELI into the notes section during checkout & you'll get a $10 store credit as part of their new referral system for this year. Use it on a shirt or some tapes. :)


Big thanks to anyone who uses my code! The 2017 sub was probably my favorite label sub I did this year, both because the genre range and quality of releases was awesome and because Robbie is doing the Lord's work in their shipping/customer service department. I signed up for 2018 as soon as it went up a few weeks back.

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