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anyone from the first year of vc are still around here ?

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2 hours ago, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said:





just so its never forgotten.  the image of him in the initial email no longer exists :( 

That is a keeper right there. 


My biggest beef is the collective actually managed to put out some good records and sold well enough that it should have continued if it wasn't for Virgil stealing from himself. 

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3 hours ago, jhulud said:

Mine says #130. Joined in on 8/15/07. One day after my birthday. Ha!


And honestly...I don't even remember how I came about to joining. May have been the Minus the Bear Planet of Ice releases.

since you're clearly the highest post count on the forum, and one of the early OG, I wanted to see what your post average was...  you've averaged 12 posts a day since you joined.  I've averaged 4.  I need to post more.

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