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PO now: Strand Of Oaks - Hard Love

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Coming in mid February 2017 Tim's latest LP Hard Love is available to pre-order now. Details below: 


Release date: 17th February 2017

1. Hard Love
2. Radio Kids

3. Everything
4. Salt Brothers
5. On The Hill
6. Cry
7. Quit It
8. Rest Of It
9. Taking Acid And Talking To My Brother

Available on  vinyl, CD and cassette. 3 vinyl variants Standard Black, Green & White "Stoner Swirl"* and Pink**.

*Stoner Swirl only available in Dead Oceans bundle which includes the album on CD, Poster, Limited 7" one sided Flexi "Chill Tent", Priority download on 3rd Feb Drug Coin Purse keychain
**Pink is Secretly Society subscribtion exclusive


Already ordered mine.

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54 minutes ago, ksuwdboots said:

I'd like to have that Stoner Swirl but don't really want/care about the rest of the bundle. I wonder if the Stoner Swirl will show up at indie record stores.

tbh the clear version of Heal has been turning up regularly in bargain bins since its release so I would be surprised if it is that hard to come by after February

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Saw them a couple months ago, and they nailed it. I got to meet Tim after that show, and he was a super nice guy! I asked if they will ever press Leave Ruin, and he claimed that money was the only thing holding them back.


Edit-- Damn I got my hopes up and misread the flexi as "Chillout Tent". Shipping from them sucks,  and chance other places will get the flexi bundle?

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Didn't even realize Pope Killdragon was OOP so I guess I'm also lucky I found a copy when I did. I've met Tim a few times at London shows and I've asked him a lot about Leave Ruin too but got the same answers.

I'm not sure that the Flexi will definitely be acquirable outside of the bundle so I had to jump on it because I don't want a hole in my collection.

Also you guys may have already checked it out on bandcamp but for any who haven't here's the lead single:


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54 minutes ago, pukebileforever said:

Darker Shores is an EP with like 5 songs from Darker Shores but different versions. Its way more synthy and actually my favorite release from him right up there with Kildragon. I wish he pursued this direction for Heal. Seriously, check it out.

Well sheeeeeeet; guess I better get my hands on it.

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  • 1 month later...

New song Rest Of It been kicking about for a couple of days:

This is sounding like it could be a great summer time kind of album so far. I do generally prefer the more introspective and gloomy stuff Tim's put out but I'm still liking what I'm hearing so far.

Think I saw something on fb about them running low on Stoner Swirl deluxe packs too so I may have been wrong to assume they'll be an easy after market score.

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Looking forward to getting my stoner swirl copy.

Saw them for the first time in 2015 and it was an absolutely stunning performance. Top 5 of the year, honestly.

Can't wait to catch another show.

And yes, can confirm that Tim is an incredibly nice person. Very genuine & humble.

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My first Strand Of Oaks gig was in St. Pancras old church (one of the oldest churches in London with room for about 50 people tops.) It was just Tim, his guitar, effects pedals and a drummer. The show wrapped up with the bell tower of the church ringing out. I'll never forget it.

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Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) will have an exclusive variant of this.

Hard Love will be available on Purple Vinyl as a member store exclusive on February 16th (LTD to 500).



Which IMO is kind of odd that Secretly Distribution/Dead Oceans would let VMP have an exclusive variant, since their own label membership/club (Secretly Society) has one too.


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yeah that is odd,  not surprised it leaked as I think secretly were running an instant advance download for pre-orders not that long ago (which as an early bird who jumped in on this is a tad annoying as no downloads went out for previously placed orders but whatever)


Waiting on the album to arrive and sit with me before I pass judgment.

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