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PO Now: Darkest Hour - Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora

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Recorded at God City, Coming out on Southern Lord.. here's hoping for that record we all wanted since after deliver us

Hey Kris Norris is even on this for a bit :D


Comes out in March.


If you didn't get in on the indie go-go campaign thingy, There's White /500 ($16), Black ($14) and picture disc /1000 ($17.50)



Knife in the Safe Room
This is the Truth
Timeless Numbers
None of This is the Truth
The Flesh & The Flowers of Death
Those who Survived
Another Headless Ruler of the Used
Enter Oblivion
The Last of the Monuments
In the Name of Us All
Beneath it Sleeps





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34 minutes ago, mattisr1984 said:

cautiously optimistic this doesnt suck since kurt ballou and southern lord are involved in the release - but that last record was truly atrocious. 



Then again... sumerian had a heavy hand in that I feel

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Intrigued but I'll likely wait till it's out to make a decision. That last album was terrifyingly awful. The DH catalog has been quite the roller-coaster beginning with Deliver Us. Absolutely loved Human Romance, but couldn't stand either The Eternal Return or the S/T through Sumerian.

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Picked up a white variant, the details of God City, Southern Lord and Kris Norris have me sold. I'm glad I wasn't alone in disliking their S/T album. Man, this band has really become an afterthought to me unfortunately. I remember them on Sounds of the Underground 2007 as a 16 year old kid. I recognized 'Sound The Surrender' from Headbanger's Ball but everything else was new to me. After seeing their set, immediately bought a copy of Deliver Us from their merch table.

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I used to be a really big fan of this band during the undoing ruin/deliver us era, but the band changed so much I could never really get into anything past that. The new song is a ripper, though I hope the rest is a bit more melodic since that tends to be one of my favorite qualities about this band. Will order when I get some extra cash.

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22 hours ago, Bladewillisisdead said:

I saw them like 4 times touring on Undoing Ruin. Album is so good.

Undoing Ruin and the first iPod Nano came out around the same time. Did a looooooot of skateboarding while listening to that album due to that. 

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