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Fear Before The March of Flames - The Always Open Mouth, Repress 4/2017

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7 minutes ago, xfactor675 said:

Half/half >>>>splatter day or night

Yep. Splatters are cool and all, but I easily have 100+ of them, sometimes in the exact same underwhelming colors. Black with white splatter we’re looking at you.


So I’d take a nice solid color, half/half or tri color any day now.

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12 minutes ago, Tewreal said:


That 10" the demo that pre-orders were around Halloween 2021?
I ordered from Missing.ORecords and haven't got a shipping notification even?

Actually no, believe it or not. I think the one you're referring to was also sold through Larry Records (and possibly Zegema Beach?) - which has NOT shipped yet; someone else hit me up on IG when I posted that and asked the same thing. 

This was sold through Illuminate My Heart and New Cosmos and they actually had em in hand - twasn't a pre-order. 

More pics:



Custom jacket


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I can't believe this finally happened. I am so happy. Back when downloading ringtones was a thing I had the opening riff to Fear Before Doesn't Listen To People Who Don't Like Them as my wake up alarm in high school, and I still have this Pavlovian 'oh god not another day' response when I hear it. It's because of this song that I learned never to make a sound you like your alarm.


I'm so stoked for this

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