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4 hours ago, KingTacoMunster said:

just read she was stable, seemed like she was going to make it...horrible. RIP

Working in a hospital, being stable in ICU doesn't exactly mean she was getting better. It usually means that her vitals weren't going to go south. Either way, you have to give credit to the off duty medical staff on the plane because she would have died on the plane then if it wasn't for them. Unfortunately there's only so much you can do. RIP.

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She was rad as fuck. I'm not a Star Wars fan, but she was awesome. She went through a lot of serious shit and her "fuck you" attitude was an inspiration.



I hate to say it, but after her and George Michael we're gonna see a lot of this in the coming years. Prolonged serious drug abuse does an irreversible number on your heart, even if you get clean. It's gonna catch up to a lot of celebrities from the 70s/80s in the next decade or so.

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16 hours ago, nancy_raygun said:

I heard off-hand that they had enough footage done for Episode 8 that it won't be affected.  But I wonder how they'll finish Episode 9.


Unless they just do that CGI face thing

They finished shooting 8 in July.  So Episode 8 won't be affected.


There are only a few options they have for 9.

1.  CGI her in

2. Kill her characters  between movies (I.e mention during the opening scroll)

3.  Replace her


Based on what they did with Rogue One, I think they will CGI her. I heard she was supposed to have a bigger role, but I could imagine them reducing it for episode 9. 

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