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Heading on a trip to LA in a few weeks for a conference and looking to get some extra cash to go to Disneyland. Below is a list of items I'm willing to sell, shoot me  a message with what you're interested in, willing to offer deals for buying more than one. Most haven't been spun very much but have been well maintained!


Harms Way: No Gods, No Masters: 1/2 black, 1/2 yellow: 150 pressed

Braid/Balance and Composure split: Translucent Purple: 1000 pressed

Title Fight/Touche Amore split: Grey: 1600 pressed

Touche Amore/PBTT split: Blue: 500 pressed

Dikembe/The Jazz June split: White: 600 pressed

Terror: Keepers of the Faith 7": Blue: pressing info unknown

Head North: Bloodlines:  purple / pink / yellow tri-color starburst: 200 pressed

Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw: Brown/White/Green Starburst: 2000 pressed

Balance and Composure: Only Boundaries: Turquoise Marble: 500 pressed

Hundredth: Resist: Black / Gold Heavy Splatter: 600 pressed

Exalt: Pale Light: Translucent Green: 230 pressed

Various Artists: Whatever, Nevermind: RSD Exclusive: unknown pressing

Capsize: The Angst In My Veins: Clear: 250 pressed

Emarosa: Versus: Orange: 1200 pressed

Major League: There's Nothing Wrong With Me: (not sure what actual pressing this is but it looks like an orange/red starburst)

Defeater: Cowardice: Clear Green

Backtrack: Lost In Life: Green in Highlighter Yellow: 1000 pressed 

Rotting Out; Reckoning: White: unknown pressing

Rotting Out: The Wrong Way: Red in Black: 500 pressed


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