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FS: La Dispute - Vancouver, Caspian Test Press, Rare Into It. Over It., Rare mewithoutyou, The Apleseed Cast Test Cassette

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Thinking about selling some of these gems and maybe more (check my list). Send me a message if you're interested. Thanks!


**SOLD**Caspian - Tertia -  #8/10 (TEST PRESS)

Into It. Over It. - Snug - 1/250 (Black)

Into It. Over It./Castevet - Snack Town - #69/75 (Grey)

Into It. Over It./Bob Nanna and Lauren Lo - Split - #116/225 (White)

Into It. Over It./Pswingset - Split - 1/100 (Black)

Into It. Over It.  - Chicago Cassette - 1/100 (cassette)

La Dispute - Vancouver - 1/500 (White w/Red Splatter)

**SOLD**mewithoutyou - [A—>B] Life - #52/90 (Grey w/ silkscreened cover)

The Appleseed Cast - Illumination Ritual - (TEST CASSETTE + black & white cassette versions)



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Bro, i've been looking for that Vacouver Vinyl forever.

I already got Wildlife, satbotr, and hh II.

this is like the last one of theirs i need until i'm satisfied xD

i know i'll probably ciry for days in a dark corner once you quote me a price.... 

but i gotta ask how much  $ you would require of me to give the vinyl a nice home? =-x

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