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Record Store Day 2017

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I subscribe to a lot of record store instagram feeds.  Every store is putting up photographs of their setups for RSD.    After looking at maybe 300 copies of, say, Motorhead,  it just doesn't seem that record is hard-to-find to me any more.  None of it does.  I'm going to visit a couple of my local stores this afternoon. after the stores have emptied out.


As for the early online sales tomorrow of unsold stock, every RSD I see the panic in the eyes of shopowners about 4PM in the afternoon when the good titles and the good stuff is gone and they're staring at 500+ unsold RSD titles in their bins and they realize that that unsold stock represents all their potential profits for the day.  


The sheer numbers of releases is overwhelming for store owners.  Especially because you really don't have any idea what kind of a fill you can expect from your orders, and since you can't return the unsold stock.  The smart ones are already planning their online / EBay strategies going forward for the unsold items.

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Happy to report that like last year I was able to get a good nights sleep and show up at my local store at around midday and still get the 3 records I was after. The only things that seemed to be sold out were the Bowie and Prince things so the folks queueing must be big into that here. Have a good day everyone :-) 

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This is a link to a priced UK list from Piccadilly Records (all prices in GBP).  I saw some interesting things (for instance, the Bruce Springsteen is less expensive than the Iggy Pop, and it is much less expensive than the price in the USA).



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BTW, my sense is that Ebay listings are way down this year, by at least 1/3 or so.  Pre-sales were way down as well.


Every year I am around the computer this morning at exactly the same time trying to decide whether to go out shopping and which store to hit first.  Definitely fewer listings on EBay so far than years past.

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Walked in a few hours after opening and they couldn't find any copies of the Space Jam OST :o. I am going to check a few sites but I don't expect many to go live until later tonight or tomorrow. It has a pressing out of 3500 so I cannot imagine it being horribly rare but the search continues!

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