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PO (Soon?): YMAEWK-So Young, So Insane Repress on ETR

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Still no official announcement, but I'd expect it within the next few weeks.

Enjoy the Ride records has been teasing that he's working on the art for this release on his instagram "Story".  It's currently up right now.

Basically you can see ",So Insane" and the handprint from the original CD cover. 

Everyone's thoughts? I know a lot of people don't like ETR, but I'm sure there are some YMAEWK / Max Bemis fans that would be excited for this.

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I thought someone else mentioned working on getting this pressed a while back, a different label? Interested for sure, but ETR...


Edit: It was Casey and Thunderbeard Records. I think he's gotten out of the vinyl game though, focusing on the lullabies.

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On 2/27/2017 at 10:12 PM, MCDELTAT said:

He still hasn't said anything about it, but So Young, So Insane & Party for the Grown and Sexy are both getting repressed. At least one of the variants for "Party..." is going to be a picture disc. Hopefully not the only variant. 

I don't think it's actually a picture disc. The visual I saw I thought the same thing at first but at closer look it's just the label

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Yo so he messaged me on Insta and said these would go on sale PROBABLY next Friday. He also shared the other 3 variants of So Young So Insane with me. He probably will post those but it's the one posted above, a RED/White Smash, an Opaque white with red and yellow splatter, and a really nice Wine red/Clear Half and Half with Yellow and White splatter. 

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He messaged me about it as well and sent me a bunch of pictures. All the pressings look real nice. There's four variants for each one and the test presses with alternate covers. They come with a two page insert that has all the lyrics and what looks like a message from Ben about the album. I asked about the audio. It originally came from the CDs I own, but he said the label's sound engineer cleaned up the tracks and remastered it so it sounds better. They're pressed at 45rpm. There will be bundles of all ETR web variants and test presses for sale.

So Young, So Insane: (original artwork)
Red w/ white swirl
White w/ red / yellow splatter
Red / White split w/ white / yellow splatter
Red / White / Yellow split w/ blue / black splatter

Party for the Grown & Sexy: (updated artwork)
Clear w/ grey swirl (/300)
Clear w/ beer color-in-color
Red / Beer split

Clear w/ green stripe down middle and white splatter

(edit: if I knew how to upload pictures from mobile I would but I don't so I can't)

(edit 2: bonus track on So Young, So Insane is the Max Bemis cover of Livin' th' Dream)

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