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I have a question for vinyl collectors

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I have a question for the people who collect vinyl records.  I am new to the community and was wondering what drew you into wanting to collect vinyl? Was it something you had been around all your life with parents and siblings?  Or something you discovered on your own?  For me, my dad had vinyl a pretty expansive collection but he never really played or talked about them much.  They mostly just sat in a cabinet in our kitchen.  I first gained interest when my dad got a turn table for christmas a few years ago and he played a few records every once in a while.  I now have 4 records and am looking to expand the collection and was curious about how others gained interest in the subject.  so if anyone has the time to answer I'd really appreciate it.  Thank you

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My ex-girlfriend and I bought a record player together.  She had a collection of 80s and 90s stuff, and I only picked up about 4-5 records before we broke up.  She got the record player in the "divorce."

Fast-forward a few months.  I've got a new girlfriend, but we're long distance.  She buys me a record player as a birthday present after I mention having a couple of records but nothing to play them on.  It was the most thoughtful gift I'd ever received, and I started going crazy buying records.  It's been a while since I counted, but I bet I have over 500 LPs and probably 400-500 7"s.

Also, now she's my wife.  So, win-win, really!

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11 minutes ago, No This Is Patrick said:

I like to make them into bowls.


The ones that are colored different, or have splatter/swirl/etc. look the coolest! Even more so if they are the most limited variants!


I put my limited edition chips in this.


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18 minutes ago, parkinglot said:

This went about as well as I could have expected it to.


I started collecting in 2010 when I ordered what I thought was a CD and it turned out to be a 7".  Now I have over 400 records and I know the difference between a 7" and a CD...but barely.

I bet 5"s confuse the heck out of you. 

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