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(FINAL PRICE DROPS!!) OOP Records Priced to Move! Thrice/Circa/Senses Fail/Drive Thru/Tooth and Nail

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I bought a good chunk of records from this guy and the only issue I had was that he forgot to include a record

PMd him about on 2/18 and he replied


Hey sorry for the slack in communication. Had some extenuating circumstances because of a new job and your package is one of three that have not shipped. It's looking to go out Friday when I get my next pay in to ship out. I really appreciate your patience and I'm going to upgrade you to priority just so it doesn't take 5-7 days to get to you


PMed  him again this tuesday and he replied 

I have you all packed up and ready to ship. Sorry. I've been in clusterfuck mode. I didn't mean to hold your record hostage like this at all



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I sent mine as a gift. I buy and sell stuff on a few other forums and have never had a problem. It really bums me out too because it looks like he won't get banned and I am sure eventually he will do it again. I was referred to this site by another member and this was the first purchase i made. I really have no intention of buying here again after this. I just want him banned and I will be done. It drives me crazy he is allowed to stay after this.

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Dunc, stuff like this happens all the time, don't let it affect your involvement with VC though.


There are good people on here and bad people on here like everywhere else. There's a thread for shitty sellers just like theres one for great sellers, go there and state your concerns. I've purchased several records on here and everyone has been cool thus far, not gifting my earned money is what has given me piece of mind. What I have bought on here has arrived in a timely manner and if there is hesitation I ask the seller, if they flake I open a claim.


Ebay, discogs, VC and reddit are pretty much the go to's for buying and selling. I've had worst luck on ebay than the others mentioned.


Sorry to hear this has happened to you.

I know it sucks.


There's someone on here who has an amazing reputation who was selling his amazing collection to pay off credit card debt and I wanted to buy several rare records for $200 but I didn't pull the trigger because he was specifically requesting gifted paypal only, that has always seemed shady to me.


Anywho I'm just ranting after my first sentence.

Good luck, its unfortunate that your first VC transaction went down as such.

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I hear you but my problem is bigger than him. The guy basically screwed over four people. I am the only one that left feedback and if I hadn't he would still have 100% positive feedback. An admin was notified and at this point I think it's fairly obvious the guy isn't going to make it right yet he is still allowed to log in everyday.  Hopefully after two months go by action is taken but until then I will assume what he did is no big deal here.

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