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Daft Punk Alive 2017?

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What do you guys think the odds are that we see a Daft ALIVE 2017 release?  It would really help bring my 2017 back into some semblance of positivity.  We've seen '97 and '07, so it seems like a theme, but I've heard nothing about a 2017.  I know realistically there is only Random Access Memories to input into the mix, but that album would be an incredible addition to the theme of beatmixing that they have done in the past.  Also, I would say there is a strong chance that they've been  working on more music in the years since RAM came out.


Sorry if starting the thread got anyone's hopes up too high; hence the question mark to defuse that excitement right off the bat.

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4 minutes ago, ethereal said:

this is 100% not happening and quite old news at this point


if you're happiness is truly dependent on this then just buy one of their little Penny skateboards and ride it around listening to Alive 2007


..but please no more hype or discussion on this, I beg of you.

Do you have some source to quote on that?  I've never seen anything saying it certainly wouldn't happen.  I don't religiously follow Daft Punk on any social media though.

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1 minute ago, ethereal said:

why don't you actually google and do the research yourself if you're so interested?

I have googled it and I certainly didn't see anything that said 100% not happening.  In fact there was a lot of activity in January seemingly indicating it might happen.  Your claim makes it sound like you have some source of certainty; no need to be terse about it just link what you're talking about.

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