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PO: Clark - Death Peak (April 7, 2017


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Clark - Death Peak




Pre-order on bleep - standard black 6-panel gatefold vinyl, or Bleep exclusive transparent vinyl limited to 500.



Normally, as a longtime Clark fan, I would have jumped at that exclusive version, especially with a pressing that low. However, truth be told his last few albums haven't grabbed me the way his first 5 albums did. He had his own thing going and it was amazing. Then with Iradelphic and the most recent s/t album, it's as if he'd lost his magic. I can't tell from this one track whether I'll love the album or not - for the most part it's nothing special - it has a few nice things going for it and a nice ending.  But I'm fine holding off and picking up a standard black in store if it turns out I really like it. I do miss my old Clark.


1.  Spring But Dark 1:18

2.  Butterfly Prowler 4:27

3.  Peak Magnetic 5:43

4.  Hoova 5:07

5.  Slap Drones 4:18

6.  Aftermath 2:01

7.  Catastrophe Anthem 6:35

8.  Living Fantasy 4:07

9.  Un U.K. 9:56



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If you're new to Clark, whether this song interests you or not, I would recommend these albums as top-notch IDM:


Empty the Bones of You

Body Riddle

Turning Dragon

Totems Flare


His first, Clarence Park, is also really good but you can tell he was very influenced by Aphex Twin and perhaps Squarepusher, having yet to develop his own sound. 

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1 hour ago, WAXXX said:

i prefer the newer clark stuff even though last panthers was kinda meh. liking the new single. i'm in for the limited transparent.

I only listened to it once, just sounded like an ambient soundtrack and wasn't really my thing. I started watching the show but wasn't impressed with the first episode, and my girlfriend wasn't into it, so I didn't continue. 


1 hour ago, ethereal said:

"bleep exclusive" is used so loosely as of recently, is it really only exclusive to them?

Has Bleep had other exclusives that turned out not to be? I don't recall any previous exclusives coming from Bleep - particularly on Warp.

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7 minutes ago, jeromium said:

Has Bleep had other exclusives that turned out not to be? I don't recall any previous exclusives coming from Bleep - particularly on Warp.

I can think of a few (a lot of the colored Dream stuff), more recently being Machinedrum's Human Energy which was advertised on Ninja Tune's webshop first as an exclusive, and then distro'd to bleep where they claimed it was their exclusive.


edit: also I believe Atrocity Exhibition on Pink vinyl was originally advertised through them as a "Bleep exclusive" I remember a lot of people buying it from Bleep because of this

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