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Laugh Tracks

1st pressing (2016):
Screen Printed Cover - 100

Black / baby blue / white smash - 300
Clear w/ aqua & gray splatter - 500
Baby pink - 700

*The Screen Printed Cover comes with a baby pink vinyl

2nd pressing (2017):
Half Grey / Half Blue - 1000
White - 100 

*I just found the white variant (looks like it's an exclusive to Australia) here's the link - https://24hundred.net/collections/knocked-loose/products/laugh-tracks-12-vinyl-white?variant=34652943683


Cassette (2016): 

Clear / Metallic Silver - 250


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On 12/27/2018 at 11:06 PM, nevelsaynevels said:

i'm curious how PN was able to license this this time around since Little Heart owned the rights and the label is now defunct.

If a label ceases to exist, band acquires distribution rights.

Not always the case but often written into many indie/diy labels.

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Looks like there should be a new song out today and a new EP out tomorrow.


"Mistakes Like Fractures" EP

1. Mistakes Like Fractures

2. Slings and Arrows (cover)

3. All My Friends


I could have sworn the first song was on Spotify last night but I don't see it now.


That's all I got.

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