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Post-rock/screamo/post-hardcore fans!  This one is for you guys!  You can listen to the tracks at the link below:


Ambient noise can either be a counterpoint to monstrosity, or a complement. In the case of Boston’s Arrowhead and New Jersey’s Forever Losing Sleep, the midpoint lies in an overarching appreciation for melodic, far-reaching post-rock. On this 12″ vinyl split, Arrowhead uses the cinematic sprawl of their opening guitars, negating them minutes later on their contribution “Thousand Palms, Sung and Reposed” with scorching post-hardcore intensity. On the flip side, Forever Losing Sleep’s “Woken By the Sun” takes a lighter approach to genre fusion, where vocals float over instruments that peak and plummet alongside a frenetic emotional barometer. There’s a lot to unpack here — two songs total over 16 minutes — and plenty to return for, which is a testament’s to each band’s brand of grandiose, embattled songwriting.


Pre-orders found here:


lifeisafunnything is more than proud to present you this breathtaking split record! Two bands, two songs and a running time of 17 minutes full of intense emotions, desperate outbursts and fulgent melodies! ARROWHEAD from Boston and FOREVER LOSING SLEEP from New Jersey, both deliver their best effort so far by leaving musical borders behind and creating a 17 minute long trip through darkness and light on this onesided record!
If you really need comparisons: If ever The Saddest Landscape decides to team up with Envy, then this might come close to how ARROWHEAD sounds.
And well, FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, how to describe them? Dredg comes to mind, Explosions in the Sky too, a lot of early 2k emo/screamo-bands, without sounding really like one of them. It is jus great music! And the biggest surprise is, how this dark, deep song by ARROWHEAD and this bright and epic track by FOREVER LOSING SLEEP together form such a coherent and beautiful piece of art!


200 onesided records are made. Each copy comes with a downloadcode and a lyricsheet.

Pressing info:
100 clear yellow w/ black smoke
100 clear turqoise w/ white smoke


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2 hours ago, Dave Grohl said:

This band thinks it is the early 2000s again. Easy pass for me. Especially at a little more than $1/minute. I'll stick to my post metal favorites over this. And I'm sure they'll get US distro at some point since they're US bands. Shipping adds $8 to it.

Yeah, Arrowhead said they'll be getting copies....  I dig the songs, so I want them.  Plus the variants sound like they could be cool.  Just want to give visibility to 2 hard-working young bands that deserve some exposure!  I love the post-rock/hardcore thing, so this is right up my alley haha. 


I'll be waiting until there are copies here.  Kinda odd that a foreign label would release it, but stuff happens!

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