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Think 90's Quicksand / Cave in, but with their own influences. 

Hypertension and 9000 Records (by Consouling Sounds) proudly present the debut full album ‘SUPERTIRED’ by SUPERGENIUS.


SUPERGENIUS is a melodic guitar-band that draws influence from indie and punk bands spanning the last three decades of alternative music.

It all came about during the summer of 2014, when Vince, Ed, Mich and Wim, got together with the intention of making something a little musically different to that of all of their previous, and existing bands. (Notably: Rise and Fall, Hitch, Oathbreaker, Blind to Faith, Wiegedood and Beecher, amongst others.)

The band released an EP, which was released on Golden Antenna Records (LP/DL) and Palm Reader Records (CS)They continued to rehearse and write music over the course of the year that followed, playing a selection of club shows and festivals along the way. The result was recorded by Hein Devos and SUPERGENIUS at De Kreun, Kortrijk, Belgium. The album has been expertly mixed by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, San Francisco California, USA and mastered by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Southampton, England. Now, ‘Supertired,’ the band’s first full length album is due to be released on April 7th, through a collaboration between Hypertension Records and 9000 records.

The album is limited to 500 copies on both CD and LP. The vinyl version will be pressed on solid light blue vinyl.


The supertalented Le 7e Oeil has screenprinted 3 different limited transparent slipcase sleeves for the album. (So you will receive the LP with the normal cover plus the limited extra slipcase sleeve in your color of choice):

25 Hand numbered copies on Cyan (SUPERGENIUS)

25 Hand numbered copies on Magenta (Hypertension)

25 Hand numbered copies on Yellow (9000 Records)


Be sure to catch the band on one of the release shows. SUPERTIRED will be officially presented April 14th (at Wilde Westen. Get your tickets here) and April 15th (at Muziekodroom. Get your tickets here)!!



po here: 

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